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30 Tips for Classroom Teachers

When, I was teaching offline, I taught more than 10 years where I have taught maths, accounting, finance and commerce classes. My taught students have reached at top level. It is great feedback for me to write 30 tips for classroom teachers. I think, this content will motivate to you to become perfect classroom teacher.

Following are my 30 tips for classroom teachers : 

In Classroom teaching

1st Tip : Support to Weak and Intelligent Students Both 

 If majority of students in your class are weak, you should keep your teaching slow along with some extra guidance to bright pupils because with this, weak students will become intelligent and bright students will also get motivation from you.

 2nd Tip : Best Deal with the Students who Misbehave with You

 If some of your pupils misbehave with you in the college campus, you must improve their behavior by your own character and scholarship because your character is your power. I remember when I taught in classroom, I was fully disciplined and my students learned discipline from me. So, to show the example of your character is best way to improve the behavior of your students.

 3rd Tip : Best Volume of the Voice of Teacher 

 A teacher in the class should keep the pitch of his voice high enough because if you speak low or in fluctuate voice, your students who are setting on the last bench may be mislead. Your voice should reach at the end of the bench.

 4th Tip : Take Test and Find Ability of Students 

 If some students fail in the examination, it is the fault of pupils themselves because teacher’s duty is to teach and pupil’s duty is to learn. It is also duty of teacher to check the ability of a student through examination like; I take the test of accounting in the beginning of every month and give reward to you. So, students should take this as challenge.

 5th Tip : Improve  Your Teaching Methods

 A teacher who is not able to draw the attention of his students should evaluate his teaching methods and improve it because if a teacher does not know the perfect teaching method, he can not draw the attention of his students. If I talk about my online teaching, I see the page views, I see just one page view of my written teaching guidelines, it means, I have to change my teaching method to teach that topic. So, improving teaching method is must for a teacher.

 6th Tip : Know the Way of Control the Classroom

 If back-benchers are always talking in classroom, a teacher should first ask them to sit on the front benches and then ask what they are doing. If you let them do what they are doing, then your whole classroom environment will be disturbed from these back benchers.

 7th Tip : Make a Teaching Environment 

 A teacher should introduce the lesson before he starts teaching, with this, teacher can make the environment of learning.

 8th Tip : Every Question of Student is Important

 If a teacher is not able to answer the question of a pupil, he should say that he will answer after consultation because every question of student is important for a good teacher. Every asked question of student will give the opportunity to teacher to learn something new. If you will start to say, it is wrong without any researching, it means you have not any command over your subject.

 9th Tip : Know the Way of Teaching Plan

 In teaching, first of all you have to formulate your teaching objectives, then you have to research the knowledge of topic, then you have to presentation of material. It will be helpful for classify and evaluate your collected knowledge.

10th Tip : Start to Teach with Examples 

 If students are not able to follow, you should teach them with examples. I started same at accounting education where you can learn lots of examples and I got feedback from you.

 11th Tip : Use Micro Teaching 

 Micro teaching is useful to students of both higher classes and primary classes because higher classes students learn through self study and primary students can not understand your long and detailed lecture. So, give them the lecture from 5 to 15 minutes.

 12th Tip : Be Impartial

 If remarks are passed by students on you, as teacher, you will be impartial at the time of evaluation. You should not punish student, you should not expel that student from school, and you should not take revenge because teacher is the second name of sacrifice and patience.

 13th Tip : Start Discussion with Students 

 Maximum participation of students is possible in teaching through discussion method. Discussion provides the freedom to students for telling their problem to teachers.

 14th Tip : Never Find the Faults in Students 

  A teacher should not find the fault in his students. With this, student may feel negative. You may think mistake as synonym of fault. But, there is wide meaning of fault. It is very necessary to find the mistakes, it may be educational mistake like find the spelling mistake and tell the student but fault's meaning just different from this. It is general saying, “Don't find fault, find a remedy.” suppose a student is slow learner. Teacher should not realize to student that he can not learn anything because he is slow learner. It is a very easy to realize the student that he is slow learner but it is very difficult for teacher to remove his own fault. Fault in teacher because he has not any ability to support that slow learner by giving him extra time. So, teacher should never find the faults in students but remove his own faults.

15th Tip : Teacher is a Leader and Guide not Dictator 

 A teacher in classroom is a leader and guide of students. He should not teach like dictator because  he is also president or a director of college. Your students will never become your fan by teaching this way.

 16th Tip : Check Existing Knowledge of Students before Teaching  

 Before starting instruction, a teacher should know the existing knowledge of his students and their background knowledge.

 17th Tip : Love to Your Students 

 A teacher will be perfect teacher if he will give love, co-operation, sympathy, affection and encouragement to students. He should also start to open classroom discussion.

 18th Tip : Be Connected  with the Parents of Students 

  If a student becomes unconscious in the class, you should call the student’s parents because this is perfect solution instead of giving medicine without parent’s knowledge.

 19th Tip : Improve the Weaknesses of Students   

 A good teacher’s duty is to find the students which need special attention. There may be some students who may be defective –vision. For this, he sees if a student is standing and sitting repeatedly for checking the written lecture on the whiteboard. You should suggest him an eye doctor. If any student speak loudly, if he generally says,” please repeat”, if he comes near to the speaker during conversation, you have to suggest him an ear doctor.

 20th Tip : Never Follow a Discriminatory Attitude  

 A teacher should not follow a discriminatory attitude toward any caste or religion because his behavior will be against the national spirit and unity. I can take the example of Accounting Education, here every day, there are lots of students comes from different countries, religion and castes. I love to teach to all of them. I am from Hindu religion but I love all my students without any religion condition. I think, teacher’s religion is to teach the best. Teacher must not compare two students on the basis of religion and caste.

 21st Tip : Measure Your Success as Teacher  

 A successful teacher is a teacher who can be known from his successful students. When his students will achieve success in the life, it is the success of teacher. In my case, I am proud on my students. Some of my students are in Indian Army and safeguarding India. Some of my students are accountants in reputed organizations. Some of my students are managers in big companies. I have taught him to do work with honest way. This way, I feel, I am successful teacher.

 22nd Tip : Make an Example for Your Students 

 Absenteeism in the class can be minimized by teaching fun way, effectively and regularly. Students love fun and teachers should use technology for creating his teaching lectures. I think, it will be helpful for students. Students will think that teacher is in interested in them. I remembered when I went to a small Govt. Village school which is 12 kilometers from my home. I took my cycle and reached daily to my school. In whole one year, I did not take a single leave because I am deeply interested to teach. Due to this, I had seen the changes in my students, their absenteeism was nil.

 23rd Tip : Communicate Your Ideas Clearly

  Students learn more from a teacher who communicates his ideas precisely and clearly.

 24th Tip : Get Feedback from Students 

 The best way to ensure what you have taught has reached the student is to ask the students to tell what they have learned.

 25th Tip : Promote Self Learning in Students 

 The teacher’s role at the higher education level is to promote self learning in students. Today is enough knowledge on the internet; teacher should not waste the time to provide all these information. It is just copy and paste work not teaching.

 26th Tip : Use Teaching Aids to Make Learning Interesting 

 Teachers should use aids to make learning interesting. If you do not know these aids, see my example at here.

 27th Tip : Increase the Self-Confidence of Students 

 When a student commits a mistake in his presentation in the classroom, the teacher should ask the students to find out and correct the mistake. If teacher will correct it immediately, he will not be able to increase the confidence of student. Remember, you are teacher. Your duty is to increase the confidence of your students. You already taught and you are taking test. So, you motivate the student to find the mistake and it is sure, your student will find within next two minutes after your motivation.

 28th Tip : Help Students in Achieving their Goals

 A teacher, in order to be successful, should help students in achieving their goals. Suppose, you want to learn accounting and my aim is to teach accounting. At that time, I will not concentrate to cover my accounting syllabus or give you the short-cut for getting high score because without teaching you accounting, my both work will be useless.

 29th Tip : Student should not be Ignored

 When a student is making noise in the classroom, the teacher should talk to the student privately after the class and should find out the reasons for his making noise. This is the best solution because there are so many reasons which can not be ignored. There may happen due to family environment. So, either criticize or send the student outside the classroom is not good solution. Not just find the reason; you should also help for solving student’s problem.

 30th Tip : Be Enthusiastic in Classroom Teaching 

 If you want to involve your students in the teaching learning process, you have to become enthusiastic in the classroom teaching. Your enthusiastic behavior will encourage students to learn from you.

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Accounting Education: 30 Tips for Classroom Teachers
30 Tips for Classroom Teachers
Accounting Education
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