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How to Become Rich in India - part 6

Vinod Kumar (Educator)
Previous month, I had made the video of 6th Part of Series, "How to Become Rich in India?" Before this, I had already made 1st part to 5th part in same video series. But due to busy in other projects, I could not write it in Accounting Education's Inspirational Section. So, today, I am just typing what did I had written on my notebook regarding this content.

In this world what we do, we do with the help of our hands. Now, I am typing and without hands, it will be impossible for me to type. Your hands can only carry you to the level of richness. Just know the hidden importance of your hand.

1. Know the Power of Thumb for Becoming Rich - Strength of Character

When you capture anything, you see, without thumb, it will very easy to withdraw anything from your hand. If you will use your thumb and close all your four fingers inside the thumb, it will become fist. Now, it will be very difficult to withdraw anything. If you did not try, try it. Instead of giving your captured thing, you can strike your punch on other person's face. That is the power of thumb. Now, understand the physical thumb with your thinking level. Thumb is identification of your strength of character.

It is Indian Saying

If wealth is lost, nothing is lost

If health is lost, something is lost

If character is lost, everything is lost.

Our character is just like our thumb and it is great asset of our life. So, you want to become rich in India, you have to save it at any cost. You have to make it strong. It can be strong if you will follow simple rules.

(A) Mistakes 

a) Never fear from Mistakes

It is very important, how are you making your character. Some people fear from mistakes. They never invest their money, time and energy anywhere and take the day dream of becoming rich in India. It will be never useful. Never never fear from mistakes. Do mistakes. Do  mistakes fastly. Continue doing mistakes. Do it and it should become the part of your character. People know you, a person whose name is Vinod is the single in the world who does mistakes. He writes the content in which there are lots of mistakes of spelling and grammar mistake. He started lots of business and wasted money due to mistakes. He is big failure of life. Everytime, he reaches top of the world and did mistake and ready to survive his life  and always say, "Failure is great in life", "Mistakes are great in life"

b) Do mistakes and learn from big Knowledge

More we do mistakes more we get great knowledge. More we do big mistakes, more big opportunities come in our life. No one can learn better than learning from mistakes. No child can walk or run if he did not fall down 100 times. No typewriter can increase speed if he did not try it by facing big spelling mistakes. No scientist in the world can invent the great invention of bulb or anything other thing if he did not do 10,000 mistakes. Your 100 mistakes will be very small. Try to increase this number from 100 to 10,000. When you reach the number of 10,000 mistakes. You will get passive income as royalties from your invention.  Trust on me.

c) Finding Faults in others will weak yourself

Some people's character is to just find the faults in other. It is not good. Remember, finding faults in other will weak you. Instead of making weak our character, we need to give strength it. So, leave the bad habit of finding faults in others. Start to remove own faults. It is real formula to give strength to your character.

d) Accept your mistakes

Close your eyes. If you have done any mistakes. Accept it. God is seeing you. God will love with your acceptance. After single acceptance, money will start to come to you because you have great thumb to control it.

e) Remember Mistakes are the Door Success

There is big lock on the door of success. You have to open it. You will go to key making specialist. He will try. 20 to 1000 times and give you the key of Rs. 200. He became rich because he opened the door through mistakes. Why do you not using his formula for your success.

(B) Efficiency

Efficiency is great part of human character. Check which is the part of your character. On this basis, do hard work and success will in your hand.

a) Talk - Advocate

For example, you talk to much and you can do debate easy. Try to make your career as lawyer. It is the single way to become rich in India for you only.

b) Logical - Teacher, Researcher and Accountant

Are you logical. Try to spend your engery, time and money investment in teaching, researcher and accounting professional career.

c) Physical movement : Athlete, Dancer

Are you love to do physical movement all the time. Just improve your skill of athlete or dance. Big money is waiting you in it.

d) Creator - Writer, Designer, Graphic Artist, Website Developer

Have you big imagination power. Start to write just like me. Or become graphic artist. Or become website developer. For example, you can say to me. How can writing make you rich in India? Answer is very simple. It makes me rich.

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All are my big resource for making me rich day by day because you all love to read free contents and I love to earn money from each of my content through selling my products. Just like this, any writer can become rich without third party Advertising because all these third party advertising brokers can never give better return than your own selling products. Like me you can also become rich with your every single content.

e) Music Lover - Singer

If you spend more time to listen the music because your are music lover. It has become the part of your character. So, find your income in this area. Learn the skills of singer.

f) Leadership - Leader 

If you have gained the efficiency to lead other. Just try politics and there is the chance to become PM of India. All powers will be in your hand. Spend public money for picnic outside all the time and give the name of business tour or spend whole time for removing the pains of Indians and becoming rich with their blessings.

g) Concentrate : Good Control of Mind

If you have not above efficiency which I have mentioned in above. Just focus on concentration. It will create the efficiency of control of mind. It is simple saying, If you win the mind, you will win the world. At that time, you will become richest person of the world.

(C) Feedback

Feedback  will strong your character. Every-time when you sell any product to your customer, you must ask to feedback. It will help to improve your product.

(D) Sacrifice

Sacrifice anything for other will also  will strong your character. Read the biographies of freedom fighters of India, you can learn, how to sacrifice.

Read : Recommended book for Strengthening Your Character

2.Know the Power of First Finger for Becoming Rich - Concentrate of Mind

Every person should be careful in war, business and life. In war, you can not trust on other. A single loophol can defeat you in the war. In business, you have to face internal and external environment. Bad management of fund can be dangerous for your business. In life, small misbehave can break your good relations. So, every Indian should remember the purpose of first finger. It indicates the concentrate of mind. With sacrifice and practice, we have to learn to control it.


a) Concentrate on concentration
b) Concentration is power
c) Concentrate on your goals
d) Remind all the time definition of concentration

( Follow on one rule upto success)

d) Learn the concentration power from successful peoples

3. Know the Power of Central Finger for Becoming Rich - Making of Your Brand

Now, it is the time to know the power of central finger. It is longer than all other fingers. It means, you have to keep your business brand at the top. For example, if you are doing your online business, everyone should know about your brand logo, your brand website, your brand email and your brand's mobile no. Instead of selling the product, you have to make popular to your brand. Brand's popularity will be your free advertising and it will make you rich fastly in India.

4.Know the Power of 3rd Finger for Becoming Rich - Making of Great Relationship

All the time, you have to make great relationship. A single unsatisfied customer will affect 250 people which may be his friends and relatives. It means, with one loss of customer, you will lose 250 new customer. Never do this mistake. Keep good relationship with all your customers, partners and employees.

5. Know the Power of Last and Small Finger for Becoming Rich - Never Forget Small and Important Works

In the race of becoming rich, we forget small and important works. You never do such race because if you will forget it, your richness will be only for short period.

a) Small thing : Do fast :

For example, you are providing service. Do fast. Never late it for week or more. Never see, it is normal and small thing in busy schedule of attending other customers.

b) Small thing : Low prices

Yes, if your product's cost will less than market price, customer will surely be attract.

c) Small thing : Fast Delivery

It is small thing but if you will follow it, it will increase your reputation in market.

d) Keep satisfy to your customers

Try to spend time to satisfy to your customer.

e) Fun 

Enjoy your and other life by creativity in your work.

Video Tutorial 

I think, Indian can understand Hindi better than English. So, I have made Video tutorial, "How to Become Rich - Part 6" in Simple Hindi on demand. Its cost is Rs. 50 in Indian currency. Just click on watch button. After 3 second, it will show, "Look good? Click below and keep watching with British pound 0.49 for 24 hours. After this, you will see watch now button. You have to click it. You will go to payment gateway. Where you have to write your email and pay through your debit, credit card or paypal account. After payment, you can watch this video for 24 hours.  If you have not all these and interested to watch this video by transferring direct my bank account. For this, you can email vinod@svtuition.org

How to Become Rich in India - Part 6 by svtuition




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Accounting Education: How to Become Rich in India - part 6
How to Become Rich in India - part 6
Accounting Education
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