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How to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur - Part 2

On 20th Nov. 2013, I wrote, "How to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur" which has been liked by accounting education community. In the 5th tip, I have explained, "To start your business with magic". It needs more explanation. So, today, I have written its part 2 for more clear explanation of how to start business with magic. This point is so important, so, I have made this article.
There are 4 rules of start your business with magic and becoming a successful young entrepreneur. 

{ Please Read these 4 rules for 100 days every night before going to bed.}

1st Rule : Count Your God Gifts 

Every magician shows his great magic because he knows his capacity. He always solutes the great magician whose name is God who gives him unlimited gifts. He does practice to be invisible to anything because God has power to make everything invisible in one day. This is the day of death. Magician also does practice to make visible anything which was invisible. God is already making visible the soul through our physical body birth. Billions of people have born from billions of years which were invisible but from God's power, they became visible in this world.

 When a magician gets success through his magic which he learned from God, you can also get success in your business by counting your God gifts.

(A) Your Eyes 

Your eyes is the great gift of God. With this, you can see water, sun, moon, stars, flowers and language of love. Having the eyes and still, you are thinking that you are unsuccessful. It will be insult who has given you this great gift. Thousands of people who have no eyes but you have eyes. For making these eyes, billions of cells are joined by God. When God has done this great magic, you can also do magic by seeing only Good everywhere.

a) When a customer comes to you and anger with you. Never anger, see love in his eyes. So, the love of God in his eyes because God has made his eyes with collecting of billions of cells. Forget your all anger by continually seeing the great magic of God. Your this looking is great magic for others because you are not seeing the angry eyes but you are seeing the love of God through these eyes.

b) Think, if God wants to make you unsuccessful in the life, he will make you blind. You can never see the income which you earned from your customer. You have made only one measurement of your success is higher earning which is wrong. Every one rupee which you have earned and see it with your own eyes is your success because blind can not see and you can see this. Be satisfy, it will bring difference in your eye view.

c) Never think that your failure  is the desire of God. If God's desire is to make your failure, he will surely make you blind. You have eyes. See which way to go to school for learning anything. See the way of success. See which ways go to failure. Before taking any step, please see. Without seeing and take the step, you will fall. At that time, it is your mistake because God has given your eye for only for seeing. If you have taken the step without seeing, it is your mistake not the mistake of God.

Everyday, bring magic in your eyes by thinking great God gift which has given in the form of eyes.

(B) Your Ears

Your ears is the second great gift of God. If you are the person who has only eyes but not ears. You can say that this is the weakness which is cause of my failure. But billions of years ago, when God has created human being, he made ears by collecting billions of cells. Same ears are on every human being. You can listen every voice. You can listen the voice of birds. You can listen the voice of raining. You can listen the voice of other persons. You can not only listen the voice but you can differentiate the one voice from other voice within microseconds. Is it not the magic of God. Can you not show the magic of your great listening power? Can you not listen the point which is most necessary for your success.

a) For becoming successful, you have to practice to listen the voice of your heart. It is real voice of God. When you anger with other, God is saying never anger because other person is nothing, it is also my creation. When you are cheating to other. God is saying, never cheat any other person. All other persons are also my creation. There are thousands other ways to earn the money instead of cheating.

b) Listen the carefully what is the lesson of your teacher which your teacher is giving to you. It will be helpful for your success as entrepreneur.

c) Listen the voice of God, he is saying to you, never give-up at any cost.

(C) Your Tongue

Your tongue is the great gift of God. With this, you can speak. Your words can change the thoughts of other person. If anybody is negative, you can make him positive with your inspirational words. With your words, you can bring the peace in the environment. With your words, you can bring the happiness in the environment. For this, you can take the example of a singer. He does nothing. He sings a sweet song and all start to feel happy. With your tongue, you can teach. With this teaching, in this world, we see millions of successful persons who are doing their profession and businesses. When all they become by the words of their teachers. It means, there is great magic in your tongue. Know it. Every day, know it because today, you have to start your business with the magic.

a) Start to speak with your customer with your lovely voice.
b) Your words which you will speak to your customer should be spread the happiness.

(D) Your Hands and Legs

Are you handicapped no. If no, then you can not see any default in the God. Your failure in the business is your responsibility. Do, you know, how did God has made our hands and legs? It is the wonderful machine of the world which can rotate at 360 degree angle. More than 500 muscles are in it. More than 200 bones are in it. When you take one step with your foot, there are lots of joins helps you to take one step without tension. When you eat one bread with your hand. God has made enough joins which helps you to reach one piece of bread to you without any tension. God has made it powerful with great blood circulation system. Whole blood circulates to your hand and your foot 24 hours, 7 days and upto your death with any leave. Their mission is only to see your success when you walk, when you play and when you do any activity.

I remembered few years ago, I fell from wall and pain in my leg started. Before this, I was not understanding that God is showing a great magic through our proper walking without any pain. Now, I was on the bed. Everyday, I started to pray to God to show again this magic. One day, God was happy and he showed me the magic and I started to walk properly without any pain. Every physical activity without pain is the great gift of God. Think everyday this and thanks God.

(E) Your Heart

People say, love start from heart. You think that you can not sell the goods because no customer loves to you. No, customer wants to see your face again. Your customers think that you are so selfish. You have no love with them. You only want to sell the product and then you want to 9 two 11. If this is true. Understand that your heart is also God Gift. Not to do your selling target in such a way that your customers think, you as selfish person. Sell it in such a way, people think, you have great love and care in your heart for them. This will be magic which you can learn from God's magic.

God loves your deeply. So, he made your heart. He made this heart with 60 miles long veins. It pumps day and night. You can listen its voice like listening the clock's voice. It pumps 22 Lakhs  liters blood every year. This part of human body  is also working day and night. Its power becomes double if you smile. It is great gift of God. Never become too weak. Just smile and do business. Your heart's power will become double for achieving your target.

(F) Your Skin

Your skin is also great gift of God. When you see it, it will be refresh because God wants that people will attract from your beautiful skin, they buy from you because of your refresh face skin. But for refreshing your skin, God has to do hardwork. Everyday, old cells of your skin dies. Every day new cells of your skin bears. Reason is only one, God wants to make you beautiful. Your skin will not scrap till your death. So, fill your heart with this beauty of God, start your day and you will get success.

(G) Your Lungs

Your lungs are gift of God. God has given you powerful lungs who get pure oxygen from nature and send it to 60 crores cells of body. It also helps to sending out all of gasses which are poison for you. Give rank these lungs for your success because it is doing his duty day and night whole 12 months. You can debate with God that I could not become a successful young entrepreneur because, I had asthma. My lungs are not good. So, it is difficult for me to become successful. When your lungs are good like a magic, why are you worry. You will surely success in your success magic.

(H) Your Blood

Your blood is the base of your life. In intestine, your food is digested with blood's heat. From your brain to your foot's thumb, there is the flow of blood. For making your blood, God has made fruits, vegetables and milk and water. You eat and drink for making your blood. Everyday, you get minerals, vitamins and other calories for your body and with this, you get the blood. God is doing everything for making your blood and one day, in a accident, you feel the shortage of blood. At that time, others' donated blood is ready because all others also love you and want to see happy because your blood and all the blood in the body is great gift of God which can not make or sell in the market.  When there is no blood in blood bank, billions of dollar will be no value because no one can save the life of billionaire if blood will not get. So, donate your blood and bring magic by smiling the face of patients.

(I) Your Brain

Our brain is such god gift which has great memory. There is automatic recorder of your whole life. When we ask the childhood story, it will tell you because there is great memory which is unlimited space. When you have such a brain, how can you defeat?

This is the small list of Great God gifts to you. Remember it when you start the magic. Few months ago, I have made my life's balance sheet, it is also list of God's gifts which have only given to me. You can see it at here.

Are you poor? Have no money for invest. Can you give your one part of body? Blind can give millions dollar for one eye. Patient who needs one bottle blood can also make you rich. Why are you crying. God has given you enough wealth which can make your successful. Count day and night God's given wealth which he has given to you as free gifts.

2nd Rule : Prove Your Rarity

  • In this world, every rare thing is so costly. Tiger is no more in the world. So, value of one tiger is huge. You can see this magic of God in the zoo by buying the ticket.
  • Diamonds are rare in the world. So, its cost is also so huge. Prove yourself that you are also rare like diamonds.  
  • It is very easy to become rare in the world. Think, your voice does not match anybody. Not just voice, everything in you does not match with other because you are rare. Identify your rarity. 
  • Don't Copy any other. If you will copy of a bad person, you will become more bad than a bad person because you will go forward from your bad model. If you will copy the good person, it is good but you will never go forward from good person, because you will always below from your good master. It is simple rule "Learn good from everywhere but never copy." So, never copy and create your own identity by showing your rare quality to the world. It may be in the form of your new business idea, way of doing business, way of management or any thing like your style to speak or you way to handle your problem. 

3rd Rule : Walk One More Kilometer for Success

Success is not the place where you are thinking. It is one more kilometer far from your thinking. Take a example of magician. He does lots of practice for showing his magic but before going to public, he again does the practice by calling his family, friends and relative members. He again tries his best to entertain them without taking money. This is his one more kilometer for success. You can also walk one more kilometer for success. Walking is always helpful for health. But some people are so lazy and his thoughts are so negative.

They say,
  • I am MBA which needs 17 years study but still unemployed.
  • I worked in a company for 10 years as accountant but still on Rs. 10,000.
  • I worked 20 years in the company, but still no promotion. 
  • I started a small business but it failed within one year. 
  • I tried to sell but customers do not buy my products. 
  • I hate selling because I have to walk door to door for selling. 
Like this, you can listen the millions of voices. All are the list of people who are lazy to walk one more kilometer for success. 

If you will study my history, I think, I am exception of this. 

  • I taught in orphan students for 5 years just for Rs. 1000 and again, I always says, I still have to walk one more kilometer for success. 
  • I taught in the Govt. School which is 12 killometers far from my house. I walked on my small cycle by operating its pedals through my foots. Every day, I operated cycle 24 kms  and just got Rs. 2500 per month. This process was continuously for one year. I always says, I still have to walk one more kilometer for success. 
  • I tried to sell the wall stone by going to 20th floor with my foots without taking the help of lift. People of 20th floor, say clearly  in the words, they need not my wall stones. Again, I always says, I still have to walk one more kilometer for success. 
  • I started my coaching institute. Whole three months, there was not a student admitted in my institute. Again, I always says, I still have to walk one more kilometer for success. 
These are the few examples which tell you that you also must walk one more kilometer for success. Never think, you are getting low. God is seeing your hard work. God will never cheat with you. He will give the full reward of your hard work at the proper time. So, be patience and do hard work with hope. By doing hard work and hope and positive thinking, you are just creating the magic and one day, whole world will feel wonder to see your magic when you will become successful. 

4th Rule : Use the Powers of Choice Rationally 

God has given you lots powers, you have to choose the area where you have to use your power. If you will use your power in the wrong area, you will never success. Great people of the world always guide to you to use the powers of choice rationally. Before this, understand what are your main powers.

1. You have the power of thinking.
2. You have the power of love.
3. You have the power of desire.
4. You have the power of laughing.
5. You have the power of creation.
6. You have the power of making planning.
7. You have the power of speaking.
8. You have the power of pray.

These  are small sample, there are unlimited powers in the human body. Human being uses only 10% of his potentiality. If this 10% of his power which he actually uses will be wrong, he can stop his doors of success. So, use the power of choice rationally with following ways.

  1. Use your power for selection of love instead of hate. 
  2. Use your power for selection of laugh instead of cry.
  3. Use your power for selection of creation instead of blasting. 
  4. Use your power for selection of appreciation instead of preach down. 
  5. Use your power for selection of healing touch instead of injure. 
  6. Use your power for selection of donation instead of stealing.
  7. Use your power for selection of doing work instead of avoiding work. 
  8. Use your power for selection of growing instead of decompose.
  9. Use your power for selection of pray instead of damn.
  10. Use your power for living instead of suicide. 

 You knew all these 4 rules, now, get ready for becoming a new successful young entrepreneur. If you have any query, ask at vinod@svtuition.org 

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Accounting Education: How to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur - Part 2
How to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur - Part 2
Accounting Education
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