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Answers of Your Old Email Queries

Dear friends, Your given all problems are diamonds for me. But at accounting education, we are very small team. Almost work is done by me. So, I am really sorry for delay  to answer to your problem. Today, I sit on chair and pray to God to answer minimum 10 your email problems one by one. Thanks God, I have succeeded to solve your 10 email problems. It is not my solutions because I have no capacity. All solutions are of God who has made me the middleman to response to you. 

1. Old Email Query

Dear  sir
I want to know about online study for BBA .I complete 12th(PDC from MG University Kerala) now I am working in Muscat

Kind Regards,
Anoop M Sugathan
Electrical Draughtsman

Anoop M Sugathan, it is my advice contact MG University Kerala for doing BBA through correspondence. Now, allmost all the universities are connected with internet. So, their staff will also help you online. If there is not any correspondence course in this university, just search UGC's official website, you can find the list of lots of Indian universities. After search, you can find best university for your study. 

2nd Old Email Query 

Dear Vinod Kumar,

Please help me to write Internal Assignment Questions for the following subjects any One Question from each course:

waiting for the answers.

Financial Management

1. Distinguish between systematic and unsystematic risk with suitable examples.
2. Mr. Bean Iron Company is considering to install a machine which cost
Rs.1,00,000. The machine has a life of 5 years, and has no salvage value. The company’s
tax rate is 50 per cent, and no investment allowance is provided. The company uses straight
line depreciation. The estimated cash flows before tax from the proposed investment
proposal is as follows.
Sl.No. Year Cash Flow Before Tax
1. 2006-07 20,000
2. 2007-08 22,000
3. 2008-09 28,000
4. 2009-10 30,000
5. 2010-11 50,000
Compute the following:
a) Pay back period
b) Average rate of return
c) Net-profit value at 10% discount
d) Profitability index

Industrial Relations
1. Explain the role of Governments in settlement of Industrial Disputes.
2. Critically examine the latest conventions and recommendations of the International Labour
Organization (ILO).

Labour Legislation
1. What are the salient features of the minimum wages act-1948?
2. Examine the ‘Health’ provisions under factories act.

Training and Development
1. Explain the various methods of training.
2. Explain the recent techniques in training need assessment. (TNA)

Organisational Behaviour

1. Suggest a suitable corporate leadership style in the wake of turbulent economic conditions.
2. Change management is the order of the day- ‘comment’.


Shwetha, I do not coach personally. But it is my request just to study the books because internal assignment is not copy and paste work. It is your duty to study and then write in your own words. You can also search our Accounting Education resource, you can also get some study material for these questions. Except accounting and finance, you can study from our svtuition's website. 

3rd Old Email Query 

Dear Sir,
Where can I get one sample tally data file of some organization, from which I can learn making entries and balance sheet etc.
Thanking you

Birendra Chhetri

Just go official site of tally solution company. But, this is also good idea for me. I will also make sample tally data files of some organisation which you will download at our website free of cost. For learning tally, please watch video at our svtuition youtube channel. 

4th Old Email Query 

Dear Sir,

I am working for an sales and service sector firm as a back end executive. And I'm the in-charge of all the activities in the company. So I request you to guide me to maintain the Accounts in a proper way, because there is no any format for accounts which they were maintaining and the books they are maintaining is vendors, clients and cash book A/C's only in an excel sheet. So i want your guidance in maintaining the Accounts. Please inform me what are all the accounts i need to be prepared in daily basis.

Thanking you,
Chaitra C 

Chaitra because you are working for sales department. So, you should should learn to maintain the accounts relating to purchase and sales mainly. But it is not necessary, there may be other transactions which you can record. You did not tell me what products you are selling. If you are large number of customers daily basis like retail customers, you should use the any accounting software. For example tally. There are also lots of software developers who can develop a special accounting software for your company. So, you can use this. If you are new in accounting, you should learn double  entry system, ledger, balancing of accounts, trial balance and final accounts. After this, you should learn accounting software. At accounting education, you should give your time. Open who websites all pages one by one. It is my guarantee, if you study accounting education only for one month, you will become familiar to accounting. 

5th Old Email Query 

Dear Sir,

Good Afternoon,

I am Susanta Malik, Completed my MBA in Finance from Bangalore University.

I would like to ask one question which was asked to me during the interview in Accenture Bangalore.

Q.What is one way and two way of accounting ?

I have given the answer like debit and credit, but i thought my answer was wrong and since then i was looking for the answer,could you please suggest me.

Thanks & Regards,
Susanta Malik

Susanta Malik, one way is single entry system and two way is double entry system which is also called debit and credit system of account. In single entry we just take the notebook and record the transactions of debtor and creditor, main payments and other receipts. We do not record the second part. Debit and credit or two way system of accounting is more scientific.

6th Old Email Query 

Dear sir,

i would like to say thanks for your guidelines in learning accounts and Tally CD which very helpful of learners.

I have a doubt on Reserve and surplus and its treatment in the balance sheet?

kindly clarify

Thanks and Regards
Kumar MM

Dear, reserve and surplus is the saving of business. It is the duty of businessman, do not take all the profit of business for his personal use. Like life business is also risky. A big threat may be competition, low in buying or new technology. So, for surviving in the the loss, every businessman should create the reserve and surplus account and transfer some part of profit in this account. It is the liability of business. When the loss will happen or business will close, it will be payable to business. So, it is shown in the liability side of balance sheet. 

7th Old Email Query 

Dear sir,

I am Anil kumar , now this time working with a private ltd. Co. as an account assistant in the age of 43, I WANT TO BECOME AN ACCOUNTANT WITH FULL   KNOWLEDGE OF ACCOUNTING and PRESENT ACCOUNTING SYSTEM, AS ONLINE EVERY THING.



Dear, Anil, study, study, study!

Do not see day and night. Do not see who is bearing and dying. Do not see who is marrying and divorcing. 

In single word for gaining full knowledge in accounting is to concentrate your mind and study the accounting. More control on mind will get you better result of your study accounting. 

8th Old Email Query 

Hullo there,
I am a student in Uganda at MSC, London pursuing a Bachelor in accounting and finance for my 1st year , second semester, I would love to chart and engage in a discussion with you on email. If you mind would you send me some articles on taxation? Hope to hear from you.

Atim Allan David

Dear, I have already made the charge of finance study and also made the accounting resource at accounting education for studying accounting. I am also working on taxation but it is relating to Indian Law. Better is buy the taxation book of your country's taxation law because there will be different rules and regulation of your country's taxation.

9th Old Email Query

Dear Sir,

I am Libin Jacob. I am avid  a reader of accounting education. I am a ACCA affiliate. Sir, i want to know about SAP. How can this benefit a finance professional. Looking forward for your reply.

Thank you.

For learning SAP, just go to SAP Help portal where you can learn the SAP and know its benefits. 

10th Old Email Query 

Hi Vinod Sir,

My name is Rahul. i am recently completed B.com. i ma very confusion in tally.
i am vary average student in basically tally. frankly speaking i am fail in account
so, can i work in accounting and auditing.

pleas given me best advice to grow up my career in account field . . . . . . . 


Rahul Bhosale

Rahul Bhosale! Just leave your confusion and thinking you are average and fail in account. In real sense, fail is a person who think, he is fail. Yesterday, I was very sad. I went to the Park where a cool air was everywhere. In the park, I saw lovely flowers. Romantic scenes of birds. I also listen the sweet voice of birds. I feel that whole universe is just saying that it is the order of God to make you happy at any cost. Every year new flowers come. Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?

Even, I will be 99 years or die before this, new flower will come because God want to see us happy. God wants to see us hopeful. God wants to see our success. God wants to see us powerful because we are his son or daughter. He is our father. After thinking this, my all sadness fled. Now, I touch the face of happiness. I feel that hope and positive thinking touch my face. 

So, dear be positive. Never give up. In this word, no one is perfect. Every one is learning. Even expert like me is also learning because all the experts are also not perfect. So, learn and think positive. Every day, learn something new in accounting. Use it in your practical life. Share your new learning with your friend. One day, you will become more expert in accounting than me if you follow my above advice. 


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Accounting Education: Answers of Your Old Email Queries
Answers of Your Old Email Queries
Accounting Education
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