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What is CMA Data in Banking

>> March 11, 2013

This question has been asked by Sakthivel. So, I am trying to explain the meaning of CMA Data in Banking with simple words.

Meaning of CMA Data in Banking

CMA Data means credit monitoring arrangement data. This data is provided by a company to bank for getting the loan from bank. Bank analyzes this data and then take the decision of giving loan to a company. In   CMA data, we can include 2 years balance sheet and 3 future projected balance sheet of company. 2 years income statements and 3 future projected income statement, Fund flow statement, changes in working capital report, ratio analysis and maximum permissible bank finance (MPBF) report.

More Explanation of CMA Data 

Bank wants to decrease risk of default of loan. On the time, if any company is not in position to repay the loan. It becomes bad debt. But what is the real default behind this. Default is of bank who did not analyze the financial and solvency position of company. By getting CMA Data, banks expert will be in the position to go deeply. Every Rs. 1 of the bank is of customers. Customers means you and me who deposit the money in the bank. So, every bank should demand CMA Data and analyze it deeply. Now, some CAs started to provide the service of providing and analyzing on the behalf of company and bank. So, their service can also be taken.

1. With balance sheet, bank will know the financial position. Is it sound or not? Will bank has own assets or all assets on debt. So, to study balance sheet is must. CMA Data will have more than 3 years balance sheet and projected balance sheet. So, analyst can make comparative balance sheet for knowing the changes in the balance sheet's position.

2. With fund flow statement, bank can know the flow of fund. Is company wasting their fund or applying fund for growing. So, it must be in CMA Data.

3. With profit and loss account study, bank will know performance of company. It also helpful to know earning cycle for paying the expenses.

4. With changes in working capital report, bank will know the changes in current assets and current liabilities. It will also helpful to know short term solvency of company. If it has enough money to pay current liabilities, it can not misuse its long term resources.

5. With ratio analysis, bank will understand the position of company more clearly within few minutes. Bank should ask the maximum permissible bank finance (MPBF). It means, What amount does a company want from bank? It should not more than 75% of working capital.

RBI has introduced this. Its aim is to protect the customers money which is deposited in bank. Bank should also study future projected income and financial position statements before giving any loan to any company. RBI has made also formats of all these data reports. Company should follow this for giving CMA Data to bank.

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