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How to Prepare Projected Balance Sheet

>> September 22, 2011

Projected balance sheet is not actual but it shows the estimation of total assets and total liabilities of any business. You may need to prepare projected balance sheet, if you have applied for bank loan of your new project or you are interested to buy new fixed assets. For preparing projected balance sheet, you can use ms excel. Following steps will be helpful for preparing projected balance sheet.

1st Step : Calculate cash in hand and cash at bank 

If you have no any book record of your cash, you can show cash in hand after checking your cash balance in business's pocket. You can check also available balance at bank. Both will be your current assets in balance sheet.

2nd Step : Calculate Fixed Assets 

See everything around you. Make the list of assets whose benefits are you taking more than one year. Check its price from cash memo or past bills. Try to calculate time of its using. If you have used it for 3 years. Its value will surely decrease due to depreciation. Charge 10% to 20%  per year on every fixed asset up to used period with any method of depreciation. Now, you will get current cost of fixed asset. Show it in the asset side of balance sheet.

3rd Step : Calculate Value of Financial Instruments 

If you invested your money in shares, bonds and other financial instruments. Write its purchase price. If it has decreased, then you can also show current market price of financial instruments.

4th Step : Calculate your Business Earning

If you have not made profit and loss account. You can just compare your all expenses and your all incomes. If  your incomes are more than your expenses, it will be your net profit. It will be transfer to liability side of balance sheet. You should only deduct expenses whose benefits, you have obtained in one year.

5th Step : Calculate Business's Liabilities

In these liabilities, you can add bank loan, secured loan and other loans. This will be added in liability side of projected balance sheet.

3rd Step : Calculate Business's Capital 

Business's capital, you can calculate by subtracting outside liabilities from total assets. This will also add in the balance sheet in liabilities side.

Following is the proforma of projected balance sheet

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RUPESH SHAH October 12, 2014 at 4:56 AM  

I would like to know that how much depreciation percentage of Assets ?
Is it differ between Proprietor, Partner, Private limited, Public limited ?
If there are any web, kindly intimate to us

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