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Celebrate 5th Birthday of Accounting Education

>> January 19, 2013

Today is 19th Jan. 2013 and we are celebrating 5th birthday of Accounting Education. We have given following video and written message for you. Please watch and read and join in this celebration.

Accounting Education's 5th Birthday

Prof. Vinod Kumar on Duty at Accounting Education
Dear Students,

We are celebrating 5th birthday of Accounting Education. I have established Accounting Education 5 years ago same date on 19th Jan. 2008. Its only one aim was to support students in the field of accounting. Today, our aim is also same. This support is totally free of cost. Today, we are happy to say, Accounting Education is known name in big online resource of accounting. I am heartily thankful to all of you because you have liked our hard work.

 In these 5 years, I have tried best to solve the problems of accountants, CAs and CPAs. When I see difficult accounting problems, I also learn something new. I got motivation from the appreciation letters from students who were doing B.Com, MBA, CA, ICWAI and CS. I am deeply thankful to all these students who read my written lectures on accounting education and watch video lectures on my svtuition youtube channel.

Today, we have also made a powerful and own Accounting Education Search Engine like Google search engine in which you can find all your accounting information with just one search. It will also automate your accounting query. For example, if you will write a in our accounting search engine, it will suggest all contents in same search engine.

 In five years, we have worked hard to simplify all accounting and finance contents. We think that there are lots of accounting books which explain accounting concepts in difficult language. So, we want to simplify these contents for all those students whose background is not commerce. We are also simplifying all accounting resources like financial accounting, cost accounting, corporate accounting, management accounting. We also tried to simplify financial and Forex management.

We are also translating our all accounting contents in simple Hindi and other local languages.

 Today, we welcome to all students in accounting education. If any student face any accounting problem, he or she can ask by writing it in our database. We are also translating our Written and Video Accounting Lectures in hindi language at Svtuition's Hindi Website  for helping all Indian students who are study accounting and finance through Hindi.

 We are also making a community. I need your help for this. You can help us by solving our students problem in svtuition community or you can suggest new way of solving problems by meeting me at our phone no. +91-01762-500250 or at the email

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kummi January 20, 2013 at 6:07 AM  

Happy Birth day Accounting Education

Thanks and Regards

Kumara MM

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