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Best Time to Upgrade Your Accounting Software

>> December 19, 2014

There are lots of factors which you should consider when you have to decide your accounting software upgrade. Upgrade your accounting software means, you have to pay more money for getting something advance in your accounting software. 
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How to Handle Accounts Payable

>> December 18, 2014

To handle accounts payable is the one of main function of accounts department. By paying on the time to our suppliers will decrease our liability and second proper control on it through proper accounting record will manage our working capital effective way.
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Advantages of Finance

>> December 17, 2014

To learn finance is necessary for everyone because there are large numbers of advantages which can get by specializing in this field. One side finance helps every business in the investment decisions and other side it helps to gain cheap money resources without compromising the control of business with others.
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Absorption Costing

>> December 13, 2014

Instead of defining absorption costing, it will be better to explain it with example. Suppose, Mr. A has the factory of wood works where there are lots of furniture products are manufactured. So, there are lots of material cost, labor cost and overhead expenses.
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Abnormal Spoilage

>> December 11, 2014

Any wastage which is excess from normal wastage in the production process will be abnormal spoilage or wastage. We can not control on normal spoilage but abnormal spoilage can be stopped with effective control.
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Trial Balance Example

>> December 9, 2014

Trial balance is the list of balances of ledger accounts. It is prepared for knowing mathematically accuracy in the books of accounts. For your understanding, today, we are presenting a simple trial balance example in-which we are showing different accounts in ledger on this basis of we have made trial balance.
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On My Agenda Today

>> December 8, 2014

Today, on my agenda was to correct all the pages which are not found in my accounting education website. Technically is called 404 error. To correct this error is very necessary for better user experience.
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Net Current Assets

>> December 5, 2014

Net current assets is the excess of total current assets over total current liabilities. It is also called working capital. To find net current assets is more important to know just total current assets because we can use only net current assets for our business's day to day activities. It is very necessary to deduct our total current liabilities from total current assets.
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How to Analyze Sales Data

>> December 4, 2014

If you are doing business from many years and maintaining your accounting records, then you can get more benefits from advance sales analysis. Simple accountants are do not know advance analysis. If you have appointed advance sales analysis team or you have learned to analyze sales data, you can grow your sale through sales analysis report.
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Journal Entry of Discount Received

Discount received  is the gain of business. If we  will pay our creditor before the time, we will earn discount. One side it is the part of our earning, second, we can fastly pay our creditor due to this motive. So, we received the discount, we pass following journal entry.
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Journal Entry Examples of Discount Allowed

>> November 30, 2014

Discount allowed is the loss of business but there is big strategy of long term gain. If any customer will pay us in cash at this time or before the time when he will actually pay for his goods bought goods on credit, then, we will allow discount. With this, we can get our cash from debtors fastly. Secondly, it will help to increase working capital for day to day expenses. So, many organisations have clear policy to allow discount.
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How Did I Earn $637 in One Month from Youtube Multi-channel Network (MCN)

This is end of Nov. 2014 and it is the happy news for me and all those who want to get success as entrepreneur because this month, I have earned $637  (Indian Rs. 39646.88) from Youtube multi-channel network. So, now, I am showing, how did I earn $ 637 from my youtube multi-channel network.
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Difference between Not for Profit and Profit Organizations

>> November 23, 2014

Not for profit organisation and profit organisations both provide some goods and services to public. Both can be clubs, hospitals, libraries, schools and other organisation. But still there are lots of differences between them which we can show in following points.
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Current Assets Examples

>> November 22, 2014

Normally, all the assets which will convert in cash within a year will be the current assets of organisation. Sometime, you may confused when you are new in any company where you do not know which assets will convert within a year. So, you have to take the help from common current assets examples. You must add all following assets as current assets.
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How to Calculate Profit or Loss from Balance Sheet

>> November 18, 2014

Sometime, we need to calculate profit or loss from balance sheet when there is lack of information of current incomes and expenditures, we can take opening and closing balance of assets and liabilities and on this basis, we can calculate our current year profit or loss.
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Difference between Balance Sheet and Statement of Affairs

>> November 16, 2014

Balance sheet and statement of affairs both show the list of assets and liabilities. Both are correct if our total assets are matched with total liabilities. But still there are lots of differences between balance sheet and statement of affairs which we will explain below.
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Free Install Accounting Education App from Google Web Store

>> November 14, 2014

Today, we are happy to announce to you to free install accounting education app from google web store. Recently, we have paid $5 through our credit card for Chrome web store developer registration. Now, we are able to upload any app in the google chrome web store. So, we have first app of accounting education upload in google chrome web server.
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How to Store Accounting Documents Online

>> November 13, 2014

It is not issue which accounting software are you using because all the accounting software store your data in his system and also provide you the facility to backup in your computer. Whether you have accounting documents in accounting documents in accounting software or in computer, now you can store online.
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Difference between Provision and Reserve

>> November 9, 2014

Provision and reserves both are created for covering future losses. If we do not make, we can face lots of losses and it will be impossible for us to survive by tolerating such losses. So, as a good person, we need to create provisions and reserves. But both are different terms. You can not use one term for other all the times. Know its main differences for proper use of both accounting terms.
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How Forensic Accounting Works

>> November 7, 2014

Before understanding about how forensic accounting works, we should understand the meaning of forensic and its connection with accounting. Forensic is the use of science for solving legal problem. For example, if anybody has murdered any other person. We have to prove it through fingerprints, bloodstains, photos. All are collected by forensic investigators.
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