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Vertical Analysis vs Horizontal Analysis

>> April 20, 2014

Vertical analysis and horizontal analysis both are done on financial statement. Both are needed for finding correct financial position. But there is the basic difference which we are explain in following lines.
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3 Things to Change Accounting Career Successfully

>> April 18, 2014

To change your accounting career is big decision. If you are working accountant in any company for 10 to 15 years and now, you have to take decision to change this company or becoming accounting teacher instead of accountant, it will bring stress in yourself because of family and other financial responsibilities.
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What is Bond Index

Bond index is average value of bonds in the bond market. We take the sample companies bonds and calculate the weighted average price of these bonds, this average price will be called bond index.
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What is the Meaning of Non current Liabilities

A noncurrent liability is a liability that is not paid within one year. It means, such liabilities will not become due within current financial year. So, we say such liabilities non current liabilities. Main examples of non current liabilities are long term loan, bonds, debentures, long term lease obligations, Employees' fund liabilities and fixed deposits of customers.
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What is Capital Income

>> April 17, 2014

Today, I have obtained a call from a student who want to know the clear definition of capital income. What is its meaning and how can we compare it with loan and other revenue income? So, today, I am explaining this deeply.
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Procedures for Computerized Auditing

>> April 14, 2014

Today is the time of computer. Internet has become so fast and can be used both on mobile and computer. So, auditing procedures has also shifted from its manual steps to computerized steps. Following are the main steps of computerized auditing procedures.
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NEFT Transaction Cut off Time is Exceeded Means

>> April 13, 2014

Today Monday morning, I was emergency for transferring fund from my online PNB account to my SBI account for this, I used NEFT option for transfer my money but it was giving me the trouble. It is showing "NEFT Transaction Cut off time is exceeded"
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Debtor vs Creditor

>> April 9, 2014

Both debtor and creditor are the important entities in the business. Most business transactions are done between each other. Sometime debtor can also become the creditor. So, it is very necessary to know the differences between debtor and creditor for better identifying both identities.
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Apportionment of Overheads Examples

>> April 7, 2014

As we know, Apportionment of overhead  means to divide total cost of overhead among different departments or branches or cost centers of a company. So, for knowing it detail, it is better to understand it with practical examples. 
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Accounting Education's Financial Statements - (1st April 2013 - 31st March 2014)

>> April 6, 2014

Today, we have published Accounting Education's financial Statements 2013-2014. As you know that accounting education is not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to provide the free knowledge of accounting, finance and education. So, it is necessary to show its financial record to public.
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