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Biggest Accounting Mistakes

>> October 23, 2014

As per my view, we should not see whether any accounting mistake is big or small. Every small accounting mistake will be big when we will do it for many times. So, we should have good planning to avoid all the accounting mistakes before actually happening. Because if we are no aware regarding this, we have to pay extra time, money and headaches for finding and rectification of these accounting mistakes and errors.
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Diwali Message 2014

Today is the Diwali festival. From long period, whole world celebrates Diwali by burning the candles. Candle lights is the signal of vision. When we see all these burning candles, we go upward from eyesight to mindsight.
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How to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur - Part 3

>> October 20, 2014

In the third part for becoming successful young entrepreneur, I will unplug two basic principles which if you will use, no one can stop you from becoming a successful young entrepreneur. So, sit few minutes on your chair and study.
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What is Currency Intervention

>> October 15, 2014

In international business, when we purchase the goods, we need the currency of the other country. For this, we convert our currency in other country's currency. This is done through bank. Bank takes some commission and deduct service tax for converting our currency.
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Difference between Revenue Reserve and Capital Reserve

>> October 13, 2014

Revenue reserve and capital reserve both are part of reserves in any company. Both are useful for surviving the business in the losses. But there are basic differences between revenue reserve and capital reserve which we can explain in following ways.
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How to Build an Accounting Team

>> October 8, 2014

We all know, with the help of team, we can do more what we think. In accounting department, there is also need of accounting team. There are lots of work like passing the voucher entries, making the financial statements, analysis the financial and performance position and reconciliation. So, only team can do this.
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Credit Ratio

>> October 7, 2014

Credit ratio is the relationship between your per month debt and your per month total income. This ratio is very useful for banks and other financial institutions. Bank or other financial institutions will give new loan only to those person or organisation who has lowest credit ratio. If it is 35% or more, you can not get more debt for your business or personal purposes. Because it will be risky for banks or financial institutions.
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Accounting Professionalism

>> October 5, 2014

Today, one of my student came to me. He is accountant in a company at same salary from 10 years. Now, due to inflation, he is facing difficulty to make bread for his family. He came to me for good advice.
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Free Accounting Course Online in Accounting Education

>> October 1, 2014

Welcome Free Accounting Course Online in Accounting Education ! With this course, you learn about accounting without paying any fees. So, it is opportunity to learn through our free accounting course. This accounting course is almost same as formal course which is taken in your university for granting degree. So, this course also helps you to success in getting of formal accounting degree.
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6 Reasons Accountants should Use Online Accounting Software

>> September 30, 2014

Today, there are lots of accounting software companies which provides their product online for your use. Instead of downloading and installing any accounting software in your computer, as accountant you should prefer to use online accounting software because there are some benefits which can be written in following 10 points.
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Gold Spoon

>> September 29, 2014

Sometime one thinks, he should add more and more money for his family. He does same as per his thinking. It is his wrong direction and by going to this direction, he will feel very sad in the end.
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Save Today Smile Tomorrow

>> September 27, 2014

Today, what is in your hand, you have to handle this. Never waste your today. Start saving from today, it is sure, you will feel smile tomorrow. Sometime, human being thinks, he will save tomorrow but due to this thinking, time goes by saying tomorrow, tomorrow and when time of tomorrow, you could not save because you will have no money for saving and you feel sad. So, save today and smile tomorrow.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Secret Reserves

After learning secret reserves examples, you should learn the advantages and disadvantages of secret reserves. After this, you can take better decision whether you should create secret reserves in your organisation or not.
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Secret Reserves Examples

>> September 25, 2014

Any reserve which is not disclosed by our accounting books will be called secret reserve. These reserves can easily be created by using creative accounting techniques. By just showing low profit or by showing low value of asset or by showing high value of liabilities than actual, we can create such secret reserves.
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Asset Disposal Account

>> September 24, 2014

Asset disposal account is the account which is opened when any fixed asset or its part is sold to other party. Instead all record in same asset account, it is good, we transfer asset or part of asset's current cost to asset disposal account for finding correct and transparent view of all recorded transactions of sale of asset and profit or loss on same deal.
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E-Return of Income Tax

>> September 20, 2014

For Indian accounting students, accountants, tax consultants  and CAs, I have made this tutorial in simple hindi language. With this tutorial, they can learn the 5 steps to file income tax return online in India. Please bookmark this page, in future, I will write video's simple English text on same page. Basically, this is called e-return of income tax in india.
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Income Tax in Tally.ERP 9

Tally.ERP 9 does not support if you want to calculate your own income tax but you can export your profit and loss account to excel file for calculating your taxable income. Except this, you can calculate the income tax liability of your employees and record it in Tally.ERP 9.
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How to Audit of TDS

There are lots of payments whose TDS is deducted by the person pays such payments. As per law of Income tax, 1961, Deductor has to deduct income tax and deposit in Govt. account. So, there is the chance of errors and mistakes in it. So, company can appoint the auditor to audits its TDS records and payments.
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How to Do Audit of Excise Duty

>> September 18, 2014

As per central excise duty act, there is no statutory condition of auditing of excise duty. But if company audits his audit duty, it will be helpful for company because with audit, all bills, transactions and records relating to excise duty will be checked by professional. So, before paying excise duty, all errors and mistakes can be easily rectify or after paying excise duty, company can claim for refund of excess excise duty payments.
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Gross Sales

Gross sale is one of important measure of the performance and efficiency of any company. Gross sales means total sales which is done by company. It is the sales which is done all departments and branches of company. It includes both cash and credit sales. It is calculated before discounts and deduction of total sales returns.
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