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Syndication of Loans

>> April 20, 2015

When two or more persons or companies give loan to one borrower, it is called syndication of loans. One side creditors are group of companies and other-side, borrower will be single.
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Finance Test - Part 2

>> April 17, 2015

Yesterday 17/04/2015, we have taught Leverage Ratio Analysis. It is from finance subject. So, today, as the student of finance, it is your duty to give us the test.
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Leverage Ratio Analysis

Leverage is wonderful  technique which is used in physics, maths, business and finance area of education. In physics, big weight is picked up with small iron stick through at good position and good angle of picking up. It is also used in finance. In finance, leverage is used for solving money problem by taking more and more debt and earning big money.
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Finance Test - Part 1

>> April 11, 2015

Yesterday 10/04/2015, we have taught Risk Evaluation. It is from finance subject. So, today, as the student, it is your duty to give us the test.
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Risk Evaluation

>> April 10, 2015

Risk evaluation is to manage risk by creating the relationship of risk with the benefits of any type of business. You know every type of risk can be measured on the basis of probability. We can only estimate the risk. Now, for better result, we have to compare it estimated return from business.
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Accounting Test - Part 17

>> April 6, 2015

As you know, what we teach in one day, we will take the test next day.
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Accounting Test - Part 16

>> April 3, 2015

In this world, Everybody's education will be successful, if he or she will get the education and then give the test and clear it. I think, these are three parts of any type of education. First understand the topic, then give the test, then see which answer, you have given wrong.
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Employee vs Entrepreneur

>> April 1, 2015

This lecture is the part of lecture series which will motivate employees to do own business after learning practical in job. My accounting education's aim is also to educate everybody about accounting and its ratios for developing own business.
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Classification of Overheads in Cost Accounting

>> March 28, 2015

Without overheads, we can not operate our business. Still it is not main part of production cost but we can not make the product without overheads. So, it is necessary to add it and to go to its classification.
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Fuse Bulb in Education

>> March 24, 2015

"Fuse Bulb in Education" is the term which has been discovered by me. According to me, a students got all the education from big college and universities and still are  unemployed. Such students are called fuse bulb.
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Accounting Treatment of Direct Expenses

>> March 19, 2015

In cost accounting, direct expenses are the part of prime cost. For calculating the prime cost, we add direct material cost, direct labor cost and direct expenses. Before understanding the accounting treatment of direct expenses, once again, you should understand direct expenses.
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Remedial Measures for Labour Turnover

In cost accounting, we study the remedial measures for labor turnover after its calculation. More labor turnover rate will increase the labor cost of company's products. Due to this, overall cost of production will increase. In end, we will fail to fix competitive sale price in the market.
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Payroll Procedures

>> March 16, 2015

When employer pays salaries to his or her employees, it effects many parties like employees, business and government. So, it is very necessary to follow a good and defined procedure of payroll. With this, we can save our time, energy and money from errors in it and then its rectification.
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Planning and Control of Capital Expenditure

>> March 14, 2015

Because capital expenditure is used for buying long term and fixed assets, so, this type of investment needs proper planning and control. If there is no planning and control, we will take wrong decisions and our this investment will become wasted assets which will have no market value.
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Accounting and Control of Wastage, Spoilage and Defectives

>> March 13, 2015

Wastage, spoilage and defectives are the loss of business. Before explaining their accounting treatment, we should explain the meaning of wastage, spoilage and defectives.
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>> March 11, 2015

Receipt is accounting source document. It is the proof that party has received the goods or payment. When there is short payments are done by employee for getting the service for business, employee has to make a simple receipt and gets original signature on same receipt. With this, it becomes the proof of valid payment to valid party.
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How to Focus on Studying

>> March 10, 2015

Before learning the steps of focus on studying, you should know what is focus. Focus is central point of your interest and activities. I can explain the focus with my life's simple example.
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How to Behave with Your Teacher

>> March 9, 2015

Recently, I have taken the test of my two old students. Test was of checking their behavior. You know, I always stress on moral ethics in education. There is not any success of teacher if he will not generate moral ethics in students.
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Bill and Hold

>> March 6, 2015

Bill and hold transaction is important transaction which can inflate the income of any businessman who sell goods to his customer. So, you should understand what is this. Bill and hold is that business transaction in which customer buys goods or service  from his vendor. Seller gets its price and under agreement, he does not deliver the goods to the customer.
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Activity Based Costing Example

>> March 5, 2015

Activity based costing is one of method of costing which is used for finding the exact cost of any product because in this method, we calculate the overhead cost on the basis of each activity on each product. With following example, you can understand it.
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