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Relevant Cost for Decision Making

>> July 2, 2015

Relevant cost for decision making is one of the wonderful tool of cost accounting in which we give the first preference to pay the cost which will be relevant. It means, we pay only minimum cost for achieving highest return. It means also, we leave all the irrelevant or non-relevant cost.
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Accounting Interview Q and A

>> July 1, 2015

Accounting interview may be difficult for some persons who do not know, how to handle it. Actually, it is just conversation between employer and candidate. If you are candidate, you should answer and time to time, you can also ask the question.  Following is its sample.
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Cash vs Accrual accounting

>> June 30, 2015

Cash and accrual accounting are the two main methods of any accounting system which a business can use. Both are used in different industries. Accrual accounting is used more than cash accounting method. Still, you should know both and understand their differences also.
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Balance Sheet Basics

>> June 29, 2015

Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement are the three main financial statements which provide useful information which help every business to take quality financial decisions. So, every business person should know about these three financial statements.
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How to Make a Simple Accounting System

>> June 28, 2015

A simple accounting system is the system which can easily use by all the business persons whether he or she know only basic accounting. With this, they can manage their money better way. They can also track their incomes, expenses, assets and liabilities. With this, they can make better budget for next month.
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What is Deprival Value

>> June 26, 2015

In accounting, deprival value is the value is the method which is used for measuring the value of asset. It is not historical cost value nor fair value. It is almost actual value which has to pay by a person who will acquire the asset.
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How to Use Mobile App for Accounting

>> June 21, 2015

Today, all most all the accounting software companies have launched their mobile app. By downloading and learning same app, you can complete all most all your accounting task with same app.
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Loan Documentation

>> June 19, 2015

Loan documentation means to show all the documents to bank or financial institutions for getting loan. These documents are very necessary for security of loan. If loan is given without documents, it is the chance that bank or financial institution will failure to get same loan from borrower.
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Project appraisal

>> June 17, 2015

Project appraisal is the process of evaluation of any project or project proposal. All those who have to invest their money in the project must assess different aspects of project They will check whether same project will give refund their invested money at minimum time and whether it will give good return or not.
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Preparation of Project Report

>> June 15, 2015

Project report preparation is very important because it provide very useful information for better business decision. It works like a written plan for forward work. It includes the aim of business project. It also includes the total written budget of project. We have to prepare it systematic way.
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Scope of Forex Management

>> June 14, 2015

Today, scope of Forex management is very wide. All need Forex for their own purpose. Companies, firms and individuals uses foreign currency for achieving their aims. So, everywhere is Forex management.
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Forex Management

>> June 11, 2015

Before understanding Forex management, you should understand the meaning of Forex. Forex's full name is foreign exchange. It is the system where one country's currency is converted into other country's currency due to buying or selling of any goods or service in world market.
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De-hedge is the process of returning of investor from hedge to risk taking position. You know, hedge is the way of investment where investor's risk is protected. De-hedge will reach back the position where his risk of loss will not protected. He thinks, prices will increase, so he can take more return on his investment by taking more risk at the position of de-hedge.
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What is Jumbo Loan

>> June 10, 2015

When any loan is given more than the normal limit of loan giving, it will be the jumbo loan because borrower is of good quality. His credit rating is high quality. So, he can take the benefit of getting more loan which will be jumbo loan.
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Joint Liability

>> June 7, 2015

Joint liability will come into existence when two or more people take loan together. They sign the loan agreement as co-signer. Creditor has right to get his loan from one or both together. Both will responsible for repay the loan.
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Accumulated Deficit on Balance Sheet

>> June 4, 2015

Accumulated deficit is the total net loss of business. If company's income is less than its expenses and losses, it will transfer to accumulated deficit account and same deficit will transfer to balance sheet. In balance sheet, it will deducted from stockholders' equity.
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Balance Sheet vs Cash Flow Statement

Balance sheet and cash flow statement are both important financial statements which are very necessary for any corporate to make. At the end of the year, both statements are prepared to show correct financial health.
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How to Make Balance Sheet of Construction Company

>> June 1, 2015

If you have known to prepare balance sheet of company, there will not be any difficulty of making the balance sheet of construction company because all company has to following Company law's rules and regulations.
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Objectives of Time Value of Money

>> May 29, 2015

Time value of money concept is the part of financial education and awareness. Its objective is to teach the value of money which will increasing only due to spending of money. So, do not waste it without reward.
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Accounting Adjustments examples

>> May 28, 2015

At the end of financial year, there are lots of accounting adjustments which we need to do in the financial statements. For this purpose, we pass the adjustment journal entries. By taking, artificial figures, we are teaching the examples of main accounting adjustments.
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