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How to Record Dividends in a Journal Entry

>> July 31, 2015

All the investors who invests in shares and stocks will have two big resource of earning. One is dividend and second is capital gain on the sale of same shares. Some investor invests long term, so, company has to declare the dividend out of their total profit.
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Expected Value

>> July 29, 2015

Expected value is the estimated value of any asset which is calculated on the basis of probability and other mathematical principles. All those who have good hand on maths can become good accounting expert. In accounting and finance, we need to estimate the investment. We invest our money on any project whose cost will be less. Without investing real amount, we can calculate its expected value and take better investment decisions.
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Expired Costs

>> July 27, 2015

When we pay the cost of anything, we either receive product or service. Some product's benefit will be day or two day. But some products benefits will be 10 to 20 years. So, all the cost of product or services whose total benefit will have obtained, will be expired cost. We will show it as our business expense.
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>> July 26, 2015

EBITDA's full form is earning before interest, tax and depreciation and amortization. All most all the companies calculate EBITDA for checking their performance. For calculating it, we deduct all the expenses from revenues except interest, tax and depreciation and amortization.
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Selling and Administrative Budget

>> July 16, 2015

Selling and administrative budget is non-manufacturing budget because in this we do not estimate the purchase or production. We can making it monthly, quarterly or year basis. We can make selling expenses budget and administrative  expenses budget together or separately.
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Production Budget

>> July 14, 2015

In manufacturing company, production budget is so important. Without making this, we can waste our working capital in manufacturing of goods due to more production than actual need for sale. By making production budget, we can produce almost correct products, so, saved working capital can be used other operation of business.
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Materials Purchases Budget

>> July 12, 2015

Materials purchase budget will tell the estimated amount which you will spend on buying of raw material which is used in production. Because, it is big amount, so you should forecast it in advance by using simple accounting techniques.
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Flexible Budget

>> July 11, 2015

A flexible budget is the budget which we can easily change if there is increase or decrease the activities. These activities may be relating to production, sales or recruitment or paying any expenses.  This budget is better than static budget.
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Balanced Scorecard

>> July 9, 2015

Balance scorecard is the system in which a company check the overall performance of company by checking accounting data with other performance indicators. For example, I print 10 years income statement and I check it with customer's trends and other business process performance. This is a simple balanced scorecard.
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Useful Excel Commands

>> July 7, 2015

Excel is an extremely powerful and versatile software with lots of functions which we can use as commands for solving our financial and mathematical problems. Whether you want to calculate interest rate, loan payment, depreciation amount, return the current hours, average, range, excel can do it all and even more.
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Sunk Cost and Differential Cost

>> July 5, 2015

Sunk cost and differential cost are two important terms in cost accounting. As the student, you should know both terms. Both terms are totally different. In following lines, we are explaining its meaning and example.
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Relevant Cost for Decision Making

>> July 2, 2015

Relevant cost for decision making is one of the wonderful tool of cost accounting in which we give the first preference to pay the cost which will be relevant. It means, we pay only minimum cost for achieving highest return. It means also, we leave all the irrelevant or non-relevant cost.
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Accounting Interview Q and A

>> July 1, 2015

Accounting interview may be difficult for some persons who do not know, how to handle it. Actually, it is just conversation between employer and candidate. If you are candidate, you should answer and time to time, you can also ask the question.  Following is its sample.
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Cash vs Accrual accounting

>> June 30, 2015

Cash and accrual accounting are the two main methods of any accounting system which a business can use. Both are used in different industries. Accrual accounting is used more than cash accounting method. Still, you should know both and understand their differences also.
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Balance Sheet Basics

>> June 29, 2015

Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement are the three main financial statements which provide useful information which help every business to take quality financial decisions. So, every business person should know about these three financial statements.
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How to Make a Simple Accounting System

>> June 28, 2015

A simple accounting system is the system which can easily use by all the business persons whether he or she know only basic accounting. With this, they can manage their money better way. They can also track their incomes, expenses, assets and liabilities. With this, they can make better budget for next month.
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What is Deprival Value

>> June 26, 2015

In accounting, deprival value is the value is the method which is used for measuring the value of asset. It is not historical cost value nor fair value. It is almost actual value which has to pay by a person who will acquire the asset.
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How to Use Mobile App for Accounting

>> June 21, 2015

Today, all most all the accounting software companies have launched their mobile app. By downloading and learning same app, you can complete all most all your accounting task with same app.
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Loan Documentation

>> June 19, 2015

Loan documentation means to show all the documents to bank or financial institutions for getting loan. These documents are very necessary for security of loan. If loan is given without documents, it is the chance that bank or financial institution will failure to get same loan from borrower.
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Project appraisal

>> June 17, 2015

Project appraisal is the process of evaluation of any project or project proposal. All those who have to invest their money in the project must assess different aspects of project They will check whether same project will give refund their invested money at minimum time and whether it will give good return or not.
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