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How to Create Repeating Journal Entries

>> February 25, 2015

Before knowing the creation of repeating journal entries, you should understand what are the repeating journal entries. Repeating journal entries are those which are relating to the expenses or revenue. We pay same or different amount every month or we receive same or different amount every month as revenue. So, we need to pass repeating journal entries.
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Asset Liability Mismatch Example

>> February 23, 2015

In accounting, asset liability mismatch means balance sheet's asset is not matching with its liability. Either total assets may be more or less than its total liabilities.
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Why should I Leave My Job

>> February 17, 2015

I think, job is special type school where you learn practical skills and also get some good experience which is impossible in school, college and university. But it will will be the foolish idea, you will learn all the type but do not do practical.
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How to Convert Earned Income to Passive Income

>> February 16, 2015

In the area of accounting, there are three main incomes. One is earned income, second is passive income and third is portfolio income. Portfolio income is the part of passive income. So, two incomes are main one is earned income and second is passive income.
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Productivity Tools for Accountants

Productivity is to do quality work within short period of time. As accountant, you may find lots of tools which increases your productivity. Here is the list of some productivity tools for accountants. I think, you can do without all these tools.
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Balance Sheet Rich Dad Poor Dad

>> February 11, 2015

You know, I have just completed Robert T. Kiyosaki's famous best selling book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" I recommend, every student should read it. One of great know which has given in this book, "The knowledge of Balance sheet"
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Pay Yourself First Before Bills

>> February 10, 2015

From few days, I was reading great book "Rich Dad and Poor Dad". From this book, I got great knowledge. It also improves my one weakness. As student of finance and accounting, I always do some experiment.
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How Money Market Accounts Work

In USA, anybody can open money market account which is just like saving account but it is insured by national credit union administration and FDIC. Even bank will fail but your money will be returned. You also get small higher interest on this saving.

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Is Content an Asset

>> February 8, 2015

Yes, content is an asset. But it is not tangible asset. It is intangible asset. It is the part of digital assets. There are lots of digital asset like your online business brand name, domain name, your company's logo and other software assets.
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How Swiss Bank Accounts Work

>> February 5, 2015

This is simple question, "How Swiss Bank Accounts Work" and its simple answer can be given. It works like any other bank works. Only difference is its more security and privacy. It does not tell any your personal financial information to any other. You can also open your account in more than 400 banks of Swiss banks list.
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How Insider Trading Works

>> February 1, 2015

Inside trading  is one of type of financial scandal which is mostly done in the big corporations. As student of accounting and finance, you should know, "How inside trading works?" One of benefit of knowing the inside trading works, you can contribute your ideas and hard work to stop this type of cheating which is illegal.
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How Payroll Systems Work

>> January 30, 2015

To provide the salary to employees needs the system and this system is payroll system. In this system, boss pays the salaries of employees on the time with correct amount. He also deduct all TDS and deposit it in the Govt. account. In big company, a separate team is appointed for handling all salaries, bonus and employees' fund.
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Why should NRI Return to India

>> January 26, 2015

Yesterday, my old NRI student met me. He is living in Canada. We talked old days when I taught him. He is about 70 years who settled in Canada many years ago. Now, his children and grandchildren are in Canada. His grandchildren are studying in Canadian university.
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How to Be Punctual in Studies

>> January 22, 2015

In education, there is big importance of punctuality. A student who is the punctual of time, will grow in studies. If you want to become punctual in studies, first you should understand the value of time. Your wastage of one minute will effect others in the society.
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>> January 21, 2015

In finance, clearinghouse is the institution which safeguard the parties of future contract from the risk of default. For this, clearinghouse get commission from both parties. This organisation provides the insurance to seller and buyer of the future contract, if any will default, this organisation will pay.
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Celebrate 7th Birthday of Accounting Education

>> January 19, 2015

Dear students and friends,

Today, we are celebrating Accounting Education's 7th birthday and we are inviting to you to join with us in this celebration. 7 years ago, on 19th Jan. 2008, Accounting Education came into existence. Today is 19th Jan. 2014 and it has completed his 7 years.
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Days' Sales in Inventory

>> January 16, 2015

In Management Accounting, Days' sales in inventory is also called Inventory Conversion Period. This is the measurement of time of converting bought or produced inventory into sales. It is important because by measuring this period, we can know whether it is more or less than normal period of conversion of inventory into sales. On this basis, we can take some good decisions.
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Zero Inventory

>> January 15, 2015

Zero inventory is the technique which is used by businessman for reducing the cost of inventory and increasing the cash flow. In simple word, to keep zero stock for selling purpose will be called zero inventory. But this decision is taken carefully.
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Accounts Receivable on the Balance Sheet

>> January 13, 2015

In balance sheet, we show accounts receivables as current asset. It means, it is short term loan which is given by organisation to other customer. This loan may be in cash or in stock. So, we have to take money after sometime. That is the reason, we show it in current asset on balance sheet.
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The Role of Accounting in the Medical Office

>> January 11, 2015

Medical office which are relating to health care organisation. All these organisations are doing the work in medical and surgery of human body and other animals. Accounting helps to manage its all financial record proper way.
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