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Accounting Adjustments examples

>> May 28, 2015

At the end of financial year, there are lots of accounting adjustments which we need to do in the financial statements. For this purpose, we pass the adjustment journal entries. By taking, artificial figures, we are teaching the examples of main accounting adjustments.
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Future Contract

>> May 25, 2015

Future contract is contract between two parties to buy or sell any asset at certain time in future at a certain price. Both parties are agreed to buy or sell certain quantity at certain time and certain price in future.
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Derivative Markets in India

>> May 22, 2015

Like the growth of other markets, derivative markets are growing very fastly in India. In past 1952, it was banned. But after understanding, it is good tool of minimize the business risk, Securities exchange board of India has first started derivative trading in different stock exchange. Now, after 2001, any one can trade the derivative products in NSE and BSE.
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Financial Derivatives

>> May 21, 2015

Today, business has spreaded at international level. Due to this, all type of businesses are living in the risk due to changing foreign exchange rates and international interest rates. So, from saving from these type of risk, business  owners do the contract each other in which financial products are bought and sold at future date at fixed price. Such contracts are called financial derivatives.
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Objectives of Treasury Management

>> May 19, 2015

In big corporation, there is the separate department whose name is treasury department. In this department team, accounts department and finance department's expert will include whose responsibility to manage the the cash, fund, debt and financial risk.
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How to Get Money Back from Frauds

>> May 15, 2015

These days, people are gaining money through evil. In this evil, they demand money through scam, spam and fraud. All these terms are related to each other. As per rule 5th of money, you should not invest in such schemes.
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5 Rules of Money

>> May 12, 2015

Recently, I read one good motivational book in which there were five rules of money. These are so simple but these are great. So, if you will follow, money which you have earned through hard work will not go from your pocket.
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>> May 8, 2015

FCCB's full form is foreign currency convertible bonds. Any bond which is issued in foreign currency is called FCCB. Main aim of this is to get debt from foreign countries.
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Zero-Based Budget for Healthcare

>> May 6, 2015

Health is connected with all types of professional. Whether he or she is accountant or finance manager, without health, they can not do their work properly. They all are expert to make all types of budgets and control cash's flow inside and outside. But they do not know to make zero based budget for their health.
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Levels of Investors

>> April 30, 2015

If you are doing business. If you are learning finance. If you are dealing with other investors or if you have the plan to invest big money in any project, you should learn first the levels of investors. With this learning, you can deal better with other investors. Do good business and earn good money with lowest risk.
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How to Become Rich in India - Part 5

>> April 28, 2015

Today, we have come here to teach 5th part of "How to Become Rich in India?" In past part 3 and part 4, we have taught that the person who is doing job or the person who is employee, never become rich if he did not learn from job and start his or her own business. Employee has to face so many problems which does not face by businessman.
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External Commercial Borrowings

>> April 27, 2015

Like Euro Issue, external commercial borrowing is the way to get finance outside India. It is the loan which is taken by Indian corporation from foreign banks and outside private financial institutions.
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Euro Issues

When big national or multinational company need big amount of fund for his business project. At that it can sell its share in different European countries's stock exchanges. 28 countries has joined and are using one currency euro.
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Syndication of Loans

>> April 20, 2015

When two or more persons or companies give loan to one borrower, it is called syndication of loans. One side creditors are group of companies and other-side, borrower will be single.
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Finance Test - Part 2

>> April 17, 2015

Yesterday 17/04/2015, we have taught Leverage Ratio Analysis. It is from finance subject. So, today, as the student of finance, it is your duty to give us the test.
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Leverage Ratio Analysis

Leverage is wonderful  technique which is used in physics, maths, business and finance area of education. In physics, big weight is picked up with small iron stick through at good position and good angle of picking up. It is also used in finance. In finance, leverage is used for solving money problem by taking more and more debt and earning big money.
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Finance Test - Part 1

>> April 11, 2015

Yesterday 10/04/2015, we have taught Risk Evaluation. It is from finance subject. So, today, as the student, it is your duty to give us the test.
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Risk Evaluation

>> April 10, 2015

Risk evaluation is to manage risk by creating the relationship of risk with the benefits of any type of business. You know every type of risk can be measured on the basis of probability. We can only estimate the risk. Now, for better result, we have to compare it estimated return from business.
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Accounting Test - Part 17

>> April 6, 2015

As you know, what we teach in one day, we will take the test next day.
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Accounting Test - Part 16

>> April 3, 2015

In this world, Everybody's education will be successful, if he or she will get the education and then give the test and clear it. I think, these are three parts of any type of education. First understand the topic, then give the test, then see which answer, you have given wrong.
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