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Accounting Profit Formula

>> September 13, 2014

Accounting profit is helpful for surviving the business in the worst time. It is just like fuel to go forward. One side business has suffered big loss and other side and business has obtained big sales revenue. Result is nominal accounting profit but still with this profit, we can use as additional capital for reconstructing our business from beginning by forgetting big losses.
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How does Bank Give Loan

>> September 11, 2014

As the finance student, you should know the steps of giving loan by bank without any physical security. This is very difficult for bank to give loan without physical security. But still bank gives this loan by taking risk and promote the business. For reducing his risk,  bank has some rule and regulations which are known banks procedures and formalities for getting loan which any customer has to fulfill.
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Hybrid Basis of Accounting

>> September 9, 2014

Hybrid basis of accounting is the system in which we use both cash basis and accrual basis of accounting. Businessman will record revenues and assets on the cash basis accounting and he will record expenses and liabilities on accrual basis of accounting.
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Process of Accounting

>> September 8, 2014

When we start business, process of accounting will also start. Its beginning point starts from identification of your business transactions and separate these transactions from personal transactions. Record these transactions. End of the process of accounting will be by making of trial balance and financial statements.
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How to Check Credit Card Account

>> September 3, 2014

If you do not check your credit card account, there is the chance of any fraud with your credit card. When anybody will misuse your credit card and amount within, you have to pay same liability. So, before happening any mishappening, you should aware from this by checking your credit card. Here, we are teaching its simple steps.
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What is XBRL

>> September 2, 2014

XBRL is the short form of eXtensible business reporting language. This language is in XML and it can easily transfer from one computer to another computer. Different business reports are made in XBRL and transfer this business information without any problem.
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What is Vacation Pay

Vacation pay is the pay during the time of vacation. Employee will not work but still he will get pay for this.  In any company, there are two types of leave which any employee can take. One is paid vacation and other is without paid vacation. Different companies may make different rules regarding vacation pay which any employee should follow.
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What is Value Billing

>> September 1, 2014

Value billing is the way of writing bills by service provider for getting his service providing fees. When service provider provides the service without any written contract with other party who gets the service, service provider has the right to get his consideration on the value of provided services instead of taken time because service provider is professional not labor.
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How to Think Positive

 Today, we will teach you, “How to think positive?” How can you fill your life with positive thoughts? Positive thoughts mean good thoughts, better thoughts and great thoughts.  Now we discuss its simple steps :
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How Zero Based Budgeting works

>> August 28, 2014

By taking a simple example, we can teach you, "How zero based budgeting works?" Suppose, you have small business. Your business's 2 weeks incomes is 1600 $. Now forget previous two months income. You just start to justify only $ 1600 with your two weeks estimated all expenses. In the end this 2 weeks period, you should have only zero dollar. You have started from previous 2 weeks as zero base in income and expenses and you reach your total estimated incomes also zero level by estimating any expenses of your business.
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Zero Based Budgeting

>> August 26, 2014

Zero based budgeting is the type of budget in which we take the zero base for estimating the expenditures. Zero base means, we do not see the previous year actual expenditure. If we see the previous year expenditure and try to reduce in current estimation, it may reduce our quality production. So, we keep our base zero and welcome to all important and necessary expenditures in current year budgets and justify as per our estimated income resources.
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How to Get Positive Energy at Home

>> August 25, 2014

Whether you are accountant, account manager or any employee in accounts department, there are more chance of happening something wrong or bad in your office which will upset your all day. Now, you have come your home by leaving your accounting department. So, read some tips which will help you to get the positive energy again for better family relation and work for next day.
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What is the Difference between a Credit and Credit balance

>> August 22, 2014

Sometime a credit and credit balance may be confusing like doubt of a debit and debit balance. So, to go to learn the difference between a credit and credit balance is necessary. With this, you can also apply to know the difference between a debit and debit balance.
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Responsibility of Joint Auditors (AAS 12)

As per AAS 12, the responsibility of joint auditor has mentioned and on the basis of this standard, joint auditors should become the responsible of their duty.
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Represent by Management (AAS 11)

>> August 21, 2014

As per AAS 11, auditor can use representation by management for audit evidence during the audit work. But it is clear, representation by management is not substitute of other audit evidence.
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How to Make Money from Wiki

>> August 20, 2014

Main source of making money with a wiki is advertising. If you see famous wiki site like wikihow.com and wikia.com, you will see these websites are making money through google adsense.  When they are making money from wiki site, you can also make.
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How to Refund Income Tax

>> August 17, 2014

As per Income tax law of India 1961, section 237, “To refund of income tax is the right of assessee, if he paid income tax more than actual payable amount.”
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10 Ways to Self Motivate

>> August 15, 2014

Every human being on this earth wants to grow. He or she wants to see the progress in their learning, mind development, earning and status. Measurement of success may be different. For example, parent wants to become successful as parent. So, for getting all type of success, we need to learn self-motivation. Here is the list of 10 ways of self-motivation. 
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Using the Work of Another Auditor (AAS 10)

>> August 14, 2014

In AAS - 10, It is written in clear words, " The auditor who is appointed for auditing is responsible for audit work. He does not transfer his responsibility on other auditor by using the work of another auditor.
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Using the Work of an Expert in Auditing ( AAS 9)

>> August 12, 2014

All the Indian auditing and assurance standards are taken from International Standards of Auditing. So, almost title are same. Only section has changed. Same standard in IAS is 620. So, you can read same standard in IAS 620 or SA 620 of Australia.
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