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Current Assets Examples

>> November 22, 2014

Normally, all the assets which will convert in cash within a year will be the current assets of organisation. Sometime, you may confused when you are new in any company where you do not know which assets will convert within a year. So, you have to take the help from common current assets examples. You must add all following assets as current assets.
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How to Calculate Profit or Loss from Balance Sheet

>> November 18, 2014

Sometime, we need to calculate profit or loss from balance sheet when there is lack of information of current incomes and expenditures, we can take opening and closing balance of assets and liabilities and on this basis, we can calculate our current year profit or loss.
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Difference between Balance Sheet and Statement of Affairs

>> November 16, 2014

Balance sheet and statement of affairs both show the list of assets and liabilities. Both are correct if our total assets are matched with total liabilities. But still there are lots of differences between balance sheet and statement of affairs which we will explain below.
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Free Install Accounting Education App from Google Web Store

>> November 14, 2014

Today, we are happy to announce to you to free install accounting education app from google web store. Recently, we have paid $5 through our credit card for Chrome web store developer registration. Now, we are able to upload any app in the google chrome web store. So, we have first app of accounting education upload in google chrome web server.
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How to Store Accounting Documents Online

>> November 13, 2014

It is not issue which accounting software are you using because all the accounting software store your data in his system and also provide you the facility to backup in your computer. Whether you have accounting documents in accounting documents in accounting software or in computer, now you can store online.
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Difference between Provision and Reserve

>> November 9, 2014

Provision and reserves both are created for covering future losses. If we do not make, we can face lots of losses and it will be impossible for us to survive by tolerating such losses. So, as a good person, we need to create provisions and reserves. But both are different terms. You can not use one term for other all the times. Know its main differences for proper use of both accounting terms.
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How Forensic Accounting Works

>> November 7, 2014

Before understanding about how forensic accounting works, we should understand the meaning of forensic and its connection with accounting. Forensic is the use of science for solving legal problem. For example, if anybody has murdered any other person. We have to prove it through fingerprints, bloodstains, photos. All are collected by forensic investigators.
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How Business Accounting Works

>> November 6, 2014

I can write you on black and white that you can not get success in business without the use of accounting. If you have to reach the apex point of success of business, you have to learn accounting. You can learn accounting more easily if you know "How business accounting works?"
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How to Reconcile Investments

>> November 3, 2014

If you invest your money in the area where prices are changed fastly, then you need to reconcile your own investments and investment accounts. With this reconcile investments, you can find all the reasons of not matching your investment account with latest value of investment which is showing your share account or share index or mutual account.
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Source Documents for Accounting Transactions

>> November 2, 2014

In simple words, source documents is the evidence of any accounting transaction. When you pass the journal entries, it will be check by audit department. Audit department see the basis of journal entries. So, these source documents for accounting transactions will become the basis of these transactions.
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List of All Accounting Software Mistakes

>> October 31, 2014

Today, we all use accounting software. It is sure, there is lots of mistakes which are done in the accounting software either by accountants or companies who made this software. So, by learning its list, you have to aware, what are these accounting software mistakes and how can you save from these mistakes.
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How can an Accountant Help a Small Business

>> October 29, 2014

It is OK, you have small business and you can not pay any accountant for his service. But think from my point of you. Think the help of accountant which he will give to you which will be one thousand times more than the money which you will pay.
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Bookkeeping Basics for Small Business

>> October 28, 2014

Every small businessman should learn the bookkeeping basics. Whether you are selling goods on your small shop or providing small service to your customers, this knowledge will help you to promote your small business. When you will learn it, you are also developing your accounting skills and when your business will grow, you can provide free accountant's service to your own business.
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Biggest Accounting Mistakes

>> October 23, 2014

As per my view, we should not see whether any accounting mistake is big or small. Every small accounting mistake will be big when we will do it for many times. So, we should have good planning to avoid all the accounting mistakes before actually happening. Because if we are no aware regarding this, we have to pay extra time, money and headaches for finding and rectification of these accounting mistakes and errors.
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Diwali Message 2014

Today is the Diwali festival. From long period, whole world celebrates Diwali by burning the candles. Candle lights is the signal of vision. When we see all these burning candles, we go upward from eyesight to mindsight.
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How to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur - Part 3

>> October 20, 2014

In the third part for becoming successful young entrepreneur, I will unplug two basic principles which if you will use, no one can stop you from becoming a successful young entrepreneur. So, sit few minutes on your chair and study.
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What is Currency Intervention

>> October 15, 2014

In international business, when we purchase the goods, we need the currency of the other country. For this, we convert our currency in other country's currency. This is done through bank. Bank takes some commission and deduct service tax for converting our currency.
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Difference between Revenue Reserve and Capital Reserve

>> October 13, 2014

Revenue reserve and capital reserve both are part of reserves in any company. Both are useful for surviving the business in the losses. But there are basic differences between revenue reserve and capital reserve which we can explain in following ways.
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How to Build an Accounting Team

>> October 8, 2014

We all know, with the help of team, we can do more what we think. In accounting department, there is also need of accounting team. There are lots of work like passing the voucher entries, making the financial statements, analysis the financial and performance position and reconciliation. So, only team can do this.
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Credit Ratio

>> October 7, 2014

Credit ratio is the relationship between your per month debt and your per month total income. This ratio is very useful for banks and other financial institutions. Bank or other financial institutions will give new loan only to those person or organisation who has lowest credit ratio. If it is 35% or more, you can not get more debt for your business or personal purposes. Because it will be risky for banks or financial institutions.
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