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Win Prizes in New Year 2013

>> January 1, 2013

First of all Sorry,

I could not publish this contest on 1st Jan. 2013 due to busy in other new year projects. Ok, now, today good news is for you that you can participate in our 3 contests and win prizes in New Year 2013

1st Contest : Give the Answer of Simple Questions of Financial Accounting and Win Free E-Book of Financial Accounting Again 

Some of students who did not participate or who are new or did not clear in previous contest, has requested for getting Free E-Book of Financial Accounting, So, we are giving them another chance. All those who have  obtained same reward in previous contest need not to give this test again, they can participate in 2nd and 3rd Contest.

Before giving online answer, please read its following rules. 

1. Total Value of Prizes = Rs. 2,50,000 ($ 4607.44)

2. Prizes will be in Our ebook whose market value is Rs. 2000 ($ 36.85). 125 winners as per our result will get this gift free of cost.

 3. You have to  write the answers in following answer sheet. When you will win the prize, we will send ebook  to your given email address.

4. All are 5 objective type questions which have taken from past contents which have been written in accounting education website.

5. Result will be declared 7th Jan. 2013. So, from today, you have 6 days to answer for winning gift from me.

6. Every candidate who will get the 50%  marks, will get the chance of winning the prize. If  candidates who have more than 50%, will be more than 125, we will use random lottery system for finding the winner.

7. Just Answer in Answer Sheet. Please do not write the question. For example if answer of 5th question  is d, write 5. d . If you will not follow this condition, we will not evaluate your answer. 

8.  (New condition) We will cut 10% marks out of Correct Answer if you will write any wrong answer. Every question will be of 20 marks and total marks will be 100. 

So, if you love to accounting, come to answer this online test and win prizes from us.

Question 1. Owners equity stands for 

(a) Fixed Assets minus Fixed Liabilities

(b) Fixed Asset minus Current Liabilities

(c) Current Assets minus Fixed Liabilities

(d) Total Assets minus Total Outside Liabilities 
Question 2. In Accounting, cost of Goods Sold is equal to 

(a) opening stock + Net purchase + Direct Expenses - Closing Stock

(b) Opening Stock + total Purchase + Direct Expenses - Sales

(c) Opening Stock+ Credit Purchase + Direct Expenses - Closing Stock

(d) Sale - Purchase 
Question 3. Profit and Loss Account of Business Shows the 

(a) Net Profit Earned

(b) Gross Profit Earned

(c)  Balance of all Accounts

(d) Capital employed in Business 
Question 4. Sale of  Building results into

(a) Source of Fund

(b) Application of Fund

(c) No Flow of Fund

(d) All the above 
Question 5. Any reserve which is not apparent on the face of the balance sheet is known as 

(a) General Reserve

(b) Bad Debt Reserve

(c)  Hidden Reserve

(d) Capital Reserve

Answer will be shown after declaring the result. So, please wait. 

You can give your answer at here

  2nd Contest : Write for Us and Become Teacher in Our Team 

You can get chance for becoming teacher in our team. Following are its rules

1. You must graduate in any area.

2. You have to write one of  the following content.

A. Ethics in Accounting

B. Innovation in Education

3. You have to write 300 to 1000 words. It must be in English.

4. Content must be original. Don't copy from any website. If you studied any book or website, please tell us its reference.

5.We will have the right to publish your content in any one of our websites.

6.  We will choose best 10 candidates as the teacher for our team. We may increase the number or decrease the number of teacher.

7. With your written content, if you teach 50,000+ online students within 2 months after publishing, we will send the reward cheque of Rs. 2500 ( $ 45.83)  in your given address. Please never use to increase the students artificial, otherwise, your ip address will be blocked from our server. Yes, you can increase the number of online students for reading your written content through sharing your content with your facebook friends, with your facebook fans, with twitter sharing, with google+ sharing, with your own website or blog sharing. All these ways are valid.

8. Total Amount of Reward = Rs. 25000 ( $ 458.30) in Cash ( We will collect this reward from donation and other earning sources.)

9. We will also take  teaching service through giving good reward to our best online teacher.

10. All those who are not best teacher as per our selection but taught more than 50000+ online students will be get reward under point 7 if there are less best teachers than 10 for getting reward under point 7.

11. We will declare result of this contest in 15th Jan. which is mentioned in 6th point, so you have 14 days for your research and writing. For getting the reward in 7th point, you have to wait for 2 months after publishing.

12. We have all rights to Change any conditions at any time without written and published notice.

13. Please fill the form for participating and paste your content at here.

3rd Contest : Solve our Student's Problem and Get Recognition 

You know, I got lots of problems of students in my database. I try my best to give my free solution. Up to this date, I have solved more than 600+ problems of my online students. Now, I need your help for solving these problems. All are welcome for contribution but we will give Good Reward who will take part in the contest.

1. Solve the problem if you have knowledge or you have tried best to gain the knowledge.

2. Do n't copy the contents of other website for providing solution. You can rewrite in your own words. Yes, you can give valid reference.

3. Because we have made wiki community, so, anyone has power to edit your solution.

4. Reward = Surprise to your

5. We will declare the result on my 33rd birthday 30th March 2013. So, you have 3 months for becoming troubleshooter of our community.

7. You can See our all Latest unsolved problems at here. These unsolved problems will increase from today. So, please bookmark this page.

6. Winner will be decided on the basis who has solved maximum our student's problem. Who has given quality answer to our students.

7. Please fill the for becoming the part of our community at here.

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