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>> July 8, 2012

Worksheet is the paper or excel sheet which is given to students for knowing some educational and accounting information. Different persons use worksheet for different purpose, some may keep the summery record of incomes, expenses,  ledger accounts and financial statements in the worksheet and these worksheets are kept in different document files.

There are lots of websites from which you can find the sample worksheets. For this, we divided worksheet in two parts.

1. Educational Worksheet 

Have you to teach your students? Whether your children have to learn maths or language. Teacher community has made lots of educational worksheets for asking question from them after teaching same topic. For this, you can see at worksheet library. Just sign up this library and you can get different worksheet. Following is its screenshot.

(a) Worksheet Library

(b) DineshBakshi.Com

In this site, you can find some educational worksheet for learning or teaching of accounting. Still 7 topics are taken and teacher can give this worksheet for asking some accounting questions. You can also make the worksheet like this.

2. Accounting Worksheet

 Every excel document can be converted in worksheet for accounting purpose. In the accounting worksheet, we show unadjusted trial balance, adjusted trial balance, income statement and balance sheet together. Following is the example. In this example, it has been shown that some accounts balances of trial balance goes to income statement and some goes to balance sheet. Income statement's debit side is expense side and credit side is income side. Balance sheet's debit side is asset side and credit side is liability side.

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