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How to Behave in Classroom

>> October 19, 2010

In classroom, "how to behave" is an art and will be helpful to you to become smart. Like an any other art, you can learn the steps of behave in classroom. This will motivate your teacher not to ignore to you and it will make you a best student and a best friend in classroom.

Tips to Behave in Classroom

1st Tip : Attention on the Topic

To attend in classroom is not sufficient. To give attention on the topic is also a good sign of your behaviour. You can do this only after listening the lecture seriously and looking and writing what is teaching telling to you.
2nd Tip : Come in Classroom after Fresh

Classroom is just like temple and become coming in, you must fresh by bathing and wearing washed clothes.
Leave your all tension outside the classroom and study in fresh mood.

3rd Tip : Keep Silence

Your teacher can teach easily, if you keep silence in classroom. Never talk without the permission of your teacher because it disturbs your teacher. If you want to talk, take permission and go out of classroom. This will also show good sign of your noble behaviour and if you behave this, you can save the time of other students who may concentrate on study in classroom.

4th Tip:  Don't Use Mobile or any Music Instrument

Never listen songs on mobile in classroom. It disturbs other students and teacher. Shut off your mobile. A ringing cell phone, especially one with a musical tone, can disrupt a class. It's best just to turn your phone off when you are in class.

5th Tip : Come in Classroom with Full Preparation

Bring your copies, pen and other study books. Share it also with other students during the period in class.

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