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How should Students Behave in the Classroom

>> August 11, 2010

 Classroom as Temple of God
Classroom is that place where students get education and good knowledge. Teachers teach students in classroom.

Moreover students learns his all skills in classroom which will be helpful to achieve their humble ambitions in life.

So it is very necessary that student should behave good with other students and teachers for creating good educational environment.

My following 10  tips should be followed  for showing your behaviour in classroom.

1st Tip : The smile should be on the face of student in classroom. It will create positive approach in classroom. If you have any tension, leave it in home before enter in  classroom.

2nd Tip : Don't behave with other students what you don't like for yourself. If you abuse other, do you like, other will do same. No, so understand other students' feeling and respect every student.

3rd Tip : Don't provoke other students in classroom. It is very bad thing. Nobody is perfect in the world. Never provoke to other students with his weak points. Try to improve or help other to remove their weak points.

4th Tip : Note all works in classroom before leaving it. It is general trend, students feel laziness for writing home work in classroom, it is also bad behavior because with this, they can not complete the process of education.

5th Tip : Never tell a lie with teacher or student in classroom. It will reduce your value in the eyes of teacher. It will be most difficult for you for getting the blessing of teacher. Truth is real education and never ignore it.

6th Tip : Never see what other students are doing, concentrate yourself only on the study in classroom. Sometime, other students may be naughty in classroom. But you should not involve in that company.

7th Tip : Never ignore teacher and his teaching. Sometime, you don't understand the teaching of your classroom teacher and start to ignore him or her. This is bad behavior with teacher in classroom.

8th Tip : Speak less, speak after thinking and speak truth with sweet voice in classroom. With Only practice, you can act upon this difficult thing. Once Mahatma Gandhi did not eat the food and keep fast many days because he spoke lie.

9th Tip : Never take anything from other students. Take all thing from your home. Taking from others means, you are taking loan and never do this for increasing your tension for returning it.

10th Tip : Keep silence in free period in classroom. Silence or peace can only bring good environment of study. You need not study many more, if you become serious, sober and silent for learning from teacher in classroom.

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Anonymous,  May 15, 2015 at 2:43 AM  

a real good help as a student for me wish it could help other students also:) :)

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