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Facebook Terms and Conditions ( Simplified )

>> October 14, 2010

More than one year, I am using facebook which is the famous social networking site which is also source of readers of Accounting Education. I have also made Accounting Education page and Accounting learning group on it. So, almost daily, I have to visit this site to connect my friends and students. Today, I got the print of facebook terms and conditions for reading. I think, I should know what are my rights and my limits in facebook.Here, I am also trying to write its terms and conditions in simple form so that all those who have page on facebook can understand what things, they have to leave for using facebook.

1. No responsibility of Facebook owner for your contents. It means, if you show any link, picture or any video in facebook, you will be responsible for this. Facebook owner has right to delete your content at any time.

2. You can not send or show any spam information on facebook.

3. Any body who is below 13, can not use facebook.

4. You can not break any copyright and if your contents are copied from any other site, your account in facebook may be disabled.

5. You will sell user data.

6. You have to follow the rules of video privacy protection act in facebook.

7. Anybody can not issue press notice relating to your relationship with facebook.

8. You can not transfer your account in facebook to third party.

9. You can not misrepresent your relationship with facebook to others.

10. You can not show share at facebook button at any site which violates facebook's term and conditions.

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Keta meera sahebu November 22, 2010 at 9:46 PM  

Dear sir
Can we share the links to our webs on the face book
yours sincerely
Prof keta meera sahebu

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