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How to Treat Mental Retardation

>> August 15, 2010

To treat mental retardation of children is needed because they can not be independent and always remain a burden on others due to their mental retardation. I am a teacher and being a teacher, all children are my own. As teacher, it is my basic duty to provide my all good knowledge. But I am sad that mentally retarded children are not taught in classroom by their teachers due to disturbing. So, I am explaining a very simple method to treat mental retardation which is detected by Indian scientist.

In old time, if someone faced the problem of mentally handicapped, Indian scientist used to treat him with natural cure or naturopathy. Same treatment what I’m teaching to you. I will get two benefits from this, I feel pleasure when a child will recover from this disease. I will think, by writing this useful content, I could help the millions of parents and their children who are searching google by writing same query and did not help but just waste of money and time due to not getting best treatment of this disease. I also understand the problem of these parents. Second, when I will find the response that parents had done all treatment through my system and his child is normal now and is going to school like other students, At that time, I will feel enjoy.

Following are the main steps to treat mental retardation:

First Step


Due to Mental retardation, the minds of children become vulnerable. So, parent should not give anything which is detrimental to this disease, If you miss on the first step, your child is not going to be treated, even if you visit millions of doctors in this world. Now, I am giving some of examples of these things:

1.  Parents should not feed meat, chicken, eggs and other non-vegetables to mentally retarded children because these kids' all other organs also do not function smoothly for digesting these hard meats. Without digesting, it will become poison for them.

2. Mentally handicapped are so sensitive of external environment. So, never frighten or anger with these children.

3. Never give Buffalo milk; it will not be helpful for development of brain.

4. No to use vegetables which  is produced from chemical fertilizers.

Second Step

Brain Exercises

The more you will make exercise, the mind of mentally disabled children will the more quickly come out of this Disease. With Brain Exercises and its practice, nerves of brain will open and it will let the pure air to brain of mentally retarded children. Remember, not to much pressure on brain. You can use song, meditative music, yoga and games for brain exercises.

Third Step

Useful Things for Eating

Following Food will provide bigger strength to the brain of mentally retarded children

1. Ten holy basil leaves should be given for eating to these children daily and they gain high memory with this.

2. Cow milk is best food for mentally retarded children.

3. Myrobalan also cures this disease.

4. Peppermint

5. Carrot juice

Fourth Step

Other Things

There is very important to take care of these crippled children. If the husband and wife are both doing full time job and think that his child's mental disability can be treated in hospital, then they are forgetting because treatment of such child is only with parent's Love and service. So, it is my humble request that either mother or father should leave the job for child’s personal attention.

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Anonymous,  May 30, 2012 at 11:29 PM  

This is so great to know that a mentally retarded child can be healed from this disease and become totally completely normal like everyone else can. This is so awesome and very new. YAHUWan music is the best to heal or cure this disease.

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