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How to Teach Mentally Retarded Children

>> May 18, 2010

Before telling you the tips to teach mentally retarded children, I want to tell in clear words that I did not teach mentally retarded children. But I am connected with a person more than 10 years who has Phd in Education to special students and children. I learned many tricks to teach mentally retarded children from great personality Dr. Mathura Dass Swatanter  which I am sharing here.

1st Tip

Create a play way teaching environment for mentally retarded children. To play with these children is better than just  teaching them A,B,C or 1,2,3 because your duty is to bring their brain in balance form.

2nd Tip

Motivate mentally retarded children by providing them free gift of books, copies and all necessary things. Mentally retarded children learn  from your motivation faster than any normal children.

3rd Tip

Today, I went to a school with Dr. Mathura Dass Swatanter  for providing free copies,  bags and their school dress to the mentally retarded  and other orphaned children. I felt the vivacity of mentally retarded children when their teachers called them with their nick names. I think a mental retarded child can also feel your love and affection. As a teacher, you can only change the behavior of a mentally retarded children by giving them love.

We can hearten the mentally retarded children, if local NGO and social organisations adopt the schools where these students are getting education. After the financial support from these NGO, teachers can purchase advance, technical and teaching equipments which can be used for providing better teaching to mentally retarded children.

I also think that whole society is responsible for providing good education to mentally retarded children. It is also good if you have any planning to open mentally retarded school for free education to mentally retarded children.

4th Tip

As teacher you should be more cautious when you are teaching mentally retarded children. You should manage all medicine in your school. You should not allow to play mentally retarded children with normal children because sometime mentally retarded child may fight due to absence of  discernment.

5th Tip

Never give them any hard punishment, if a mentally retarded child does any mistake. As a good teacher, you should understand that you are doing teaching and social work same time. You should never leave  your discrimination of mind while you are teaching mentally retarded children.

6th Tip

Children with mental retardation may learn to sit up, to crawl, or to walk later than other children, or they may learn to talk later. Both adults and children with mental retardation may also exhibit the following characteristics:

a) Delays in oral language development

Try to more practise them to speak oral language. Also learn the techniques of speech therapists on youtube.

b) Deficits in memory skills

Try to use my remembering tips.

c) Difficulty learning social rules

Try to repeat again.

d) Difficulty with problem solving skills

Try to give simplest problem and simplest solution

e) Delays in the development of adaptive behaviors such as self-help or self-care skills
Lack of social inhibitors

Try to keep your behavior always positive and its effect will definitely be  positive on mentally retarded children.

7th Tip

Also use e-how tips How to Educate Mentally Retarded Children. I also read these tips and in these tips, I liked 4th tip which I am giving below

Use behavior modification techniques. Many of retarded children act out inappropriately or engage in unacceptable behaviors simply because they know they are different and can get away with it. It's important to ignore these behaviors and to reward appropriate behavior with praise and extra privileges.

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