How to be Happy as An Accountant - Part 2

Main reason of writing second part of "How to be Happy as An Accountant?" to teach accountant, CPA and also CA about overcome all the tensions of past and feel always happy. Yes, every accountant can overcome past's tensions by living today life today and by stopping the doors of all past tensions. You can develop this by our new 21 day course and it will overcome your all past tensions. 

 Usually, accountants may try to get temporary happiness by watching  TV show, movies or reading newspaper. All should be baned for 21 days.With this, we start to focus on negative things and become sad and feel guilty/jealous / angry. In order to overcome this, we need to build good habits.

It is a 21-day course. You have to commit to this.

First day - Make the List of God and Persons You are Grateful for

On day one you have to make a list of things you are grateful for. Feel thankful to God and people. I have made a list. You can get it as example about how can make your own list.  I am healthy and fit. A lot of people get ill, but I am healthy. I am happy and grateful to God, my whole body is okay. Some don't have hands, legs or another deformity, I am happy for this, that God gave me complete body. I can feel cold in winter and hotness in summer, God made the sun, which gives heat and light, he gave me lungs so I can breathe oxygen. I thank God for all this. The scientist gave me the gift of electricity which I am using to run my camera and lights. Thank God for free water I get in my home. I am  thankful for  my parents for the love, education, and support they gave me. I thank all the things that support me. I thank the people who I worked with during these 9 years. Throughout the day make a list. Thank everyone, everything, thank the God, environment. Make a list just like me, and now read this list.

Second day - Make a list of achievement in your life

Make a list of achievement in your life. We say we don't have any achievements, it's not true. Don't do anything that day. Just think about your achievements and write it down. Now let me tell you about my achievements, it is just for example, not think it is my self-appreciation. No. 1 achievement of mine is I can walk. When I was born, I could not walk, I learned by falling down many times. Now I can walk easily. It's my achievement, I am happy. I can run continuously for one hour. It's my achievement, I have got M.Com degree. It took 17 years of education to earn it. 12 years of school. 3 years of And finally 2 years of I have written 3000 contents in my website accounting education. It's my success. I use to write an article every day. I have uploaded more than 1500 videos with help of my team. This is my achievement, I can teach any subject in the world. I came 3rd in college race. I have donated blood five times. I have written a successful eBook. I have made a successful online course. Accounting course is one of my super hit courses. You can achieve anything you want.

Third day - Make a list of your dreams

Make a list of your dreams. Dreams are those that we see while being awake. Not the ones we see while sleeping, you will feel happy when you have dreams. You can learn from me, how to make a list in case you don't know. I want to run for two hours, I already have run for one hour, I will work hard to achieve it. To write more than 3000 contents I already have achieved it in last 9 years. I will make more contents. I will make more 1500 videos for YouTube. It is my dream. Struggles are part of it. I want to publish my successful ebook in all languages, it's called "Journal Entry Made Easy". It is my dream. I want to become the richest person in India, I will be happy when I become the richest person in India, I want to lift 100 kg weight. I can lift 50 kg, I will struggle. I want to read 10 books in one month, it is my dream. Open blind school, it is my dream. I have a free online education school, I want to employ 1 lakh people and give them a job, it is my dream. I want to make a movie and be an actor in it, it is my dream. I always want to smile. My teeth should be visible in every situation. Make a list like this and read it. Your whole day should be consumed by making list.

Fourth day -  List of Skills of the World

Now make the list of skills of the world on the 4th day, for example, dancing is a skill, it is a very good one, it gives joy and happiness. It's a skill which can be learned. Sing words in a way so we get immense joy. Acting is a skill. Business analysis, loss, and profit. This is a skill. I want to learn it. Cloud computing, data science. Strategy , social networking, how are mobile apps are built. Lakhs of people download apps every day, how are they made, mobile apps developer, I want to learn it. Consulting, how to do it. Search a list of skills to be learned on LinkedIn. you will feel happy. when you learn these skills, Your last four days passed in happy moments.

Fifth day List of Perfect People of the World

Make a list of perfect people of the world. There are many great personalities in this world. Let me tell you, my favorite person is Swami Vivekanand. He gave a great spiritual lecture which is never given before, so he is great. Second is Dayanand Saraswati, who wrote the book "light of truth". Ramprasad Bismill who wrote his autobiography 18 days before becoming a martyr in Indian Freedom struggle. Bhagat Singh who wrote Diary in jail and sacrificed his life for the country. 10 Gurus from Guru Nanak Ji to guru Gobind Singh Ji who brought Sikhism and gave a lot of sacrifices. Lord Shree Ram, who killed many evil monsters. Thomas Alva Edison, who made light bulb after 9999 failures and said that he learned what does not work; they are not mistakes or failures. APJ ABDUL KALAM who made Indian defense strong. My favorite is OG Mandingo who wrote "Greatest Salesman in the world". It has many motivation thoughts. So much energy. You can do anything if you learn it, make a list and learn it. Like this, your 5th day will pass.

Sixth day - List of people who need your help

On 6th day make a list of people who need your help. Who needs you. Why are you important? For me, my students are very important. I feel happy when I teach them. 2nd my friends. who come anytime with doubt and problems. Comments on my YouTube channel. Customer query. I have to help him. My employees who work with me. I have to support them. Animals, they can't speak, but they can feel. Helpless human beings, who are very poor or handicapped. I am a good person, I have money and knowledge. I must help others. God has sent me for a special purpose. You will feel happy, 6th day will pass by making this list.

Seventh day - List of Places Where You Want to Travel

Make a list of places where you want to travel. If I have not seen someplace. I will go and see it. Here is my list. I have not seen Himalayan National park, Elephant caves in Mumbai, Nainital. Write on a list. Dhudsagar falls in Goa. Grand Island in Goa. There are thousands of places, you have one day. Make a list of places which you want to see. Where you want to go. Like this your 7 days passed in happiness, you are progressing.

Eighth day -  List of Exercise and their Benefits

Now on your 8th day. Make a list of exercise and their benefits. Many exercises make us happy. Make a list and write their benefits. For example, running, climbing, running, swimming. Shooting. For example, shooting increases your focus; judo karate makes your hand and legs strong. Tug of war increases your strength. You will automatically feel happy. Make a list. Your 8th day will pass like that.

Ninth day - List of Negative People in Your Life

Make a list of negative people in your life; you could be 40 years, 20 years or 50 years old. In this time you may have some people who have negative thoughts, don't spend your time with these people. You get influenced by them and become sad. You become negative and doubt your ability. Try staying away from such people, until you learn to stay happy in all situations. After you develop that strength you will not be affected.

Tenth Day - List of Things that Improve Your Mood

Now on the 10th day, make a list of things that improve your mood sometimes you become sad, angry, and fearful. If you don't have money you become sad. Suppose you get money. You become happy, you start seeking more money. This leads to mood fluctuation. Instead, make a list of things that improve your mood. Motivational lectures who give energy to you where you learn to grow 10 fold. Music which makes you happy. Each part of you becomes happy. Sing and dance. In marriage people dance, they are happy. Make a list of these things that make you happy, write a quote on the computer screen. When I am angry, I become calm by drinking water, I feel happy by going near a fountain. Nice music, make a list and read it. Like this you will reach 11th day

Eleventh day - Speak Loudly the List Made on the First Day

Its 1 +1. It's simple mathematics. It means you have to speak loudly the list made on the first day. You want to be happy, but your brain doesn't listen. Keep repeating your list loudly. From my list I will read, I am thankful to God for my health. My hands and legs are fine. Repeat this several times, close your eyes and say thank you. I have to thank all people in the list. Dear shopkeeper, thank you for providing useful things to me on time, you have the list, read it. My hands are working fine, my bones are strong, I am thankful to God, keep saying it loud several times. Until you become passionate about this, sad moments will keep following you, be happy. For what God has given you. So many people have contributed your success. This light, electricity is only possible after so many people work hard, I can teach you, due to many people who work in Internet Company, I thank them all. Spend 11th day like this.

Twelfth day - Read Aloud the List of Day 2

Now on 12th day read aloud the list of Day 2. Congratulate yourself, remind yourself of your success, Shout it to yourself. Vinod, you have learned to walk. I have two legs, I can walk. Yes, I have achieved this success. I can achieve more success. I can speak well. I can teach any subject, I have many achievements. 12th day will pass like this.

Thirteenth day - Say loud Your List of 3rd Day 

Now take the list of the 3rd day. You have to say it loud. we have to remind ourselves of school. 10th, 12th, graduation. We used to read our books again and again. Remind your dreams to yourself. I have to be happy. My dream is to run for 2 hrs. I will shout and get excited by telling my dream again and again. I will write 3000 articles and make 1500 videos. I just have to repeat this list again and again.

Fourteenth day - Read the list of skill you want to learn under  Your 4th Day List 

Read the list of skill you want to learn. How will I feel when I learn, singing and dancing, what will happen, when I learn, cloud computing, business analysis, making the strategy. When I learn data science and app making, I will be happy. I want to be a mobile app developer. I will be happy. Keep repeating all this aloud on the 14th day, you will feel happy.

Fifteenth day - Read the list of great people made by you on the 5th day

On the 15th day. Read the list of great people made by you on the 5th day. If I want to become like them, I must learn about them. What were their qualities which I have similar to them? What is my weakness? How can I become like them? Keep thinking of these great persons only. I have to be like them. They kept their mood simple. They were unaffected by negativity, they were always happy and confident. I must learn to live like them.  

Sixteenth day -  Read Loudly the List of People who Need Your Help on the basis of 6th Day’s List 

On the 16th  day read loudly the list of people who need your help. I have to help my students. I have to help those who comment on my  youtube svtuition channel. I have to help my customers, I have to help my employees, I have to help animals and helpless people. Shout loudly all these things. You will feel happy. Think how can you help them. You will feel happy. I don't have money still I can help them. I have a purpose now. I am important.

Seventeenth day -  Speak Loudly Whole Day, the List of Places where You want to Travel

On 17th day. speak loudly whole day, the list of places where you want to travel. The villages in your city which you can travel by foot also. You will be happy. Think you meet people, smile with them see places you have never seen before, you will feel very happy.

Eighteenth day - Speak Loudly the List Made on the 8th Day

Now on the 18th day, speak loudly the list made on the 8th day. Recount the benefits of exercise, what are the benefits of running, the benefits of swimming, the benefit of judo karate. The benefit of tug of war. You will feel happy by saying the benefits of exercise, When you will do boxing you will feel happy. 18th day will pass like this.

Nineteenth day - Read List of People with Negative Thoughts on the basis of your 9th Day List

On 19th-day read list of people with negative thoughts, these people make me negative. I will not talk to them. anyone can be in the list. It's a trigger, stay away from it if you want to stay happy then remove the negative influence from your life. You have infinite energy, don't allow negative influence to pull you down. You can touch the sky, seek great people who have admirable traits. you will acquire these qualities by talking to them. 19th day will pass by reading and thinking about it.

Twentieth day - Read Aloud the List of Things that Improve Your Mood

On the 20th day, Read aloud the list of things that improve your mood, when my mood will frustrate, I will listen to the lecture of my favorite professor. I will do it, I can do it. I will listen whenever I am sad and gloomy. I will listen to this music and I will feel relaxed, you are training your mind by giving input. I will dance, even if I don't know how to dance. I will feel happy.

Twenty-first day - Remember 1st to the 20th day

Now 21st day remember 1st to the 20th day. 
On the First day, I made list to thank god and revised this list on the 11th day.
2nd day I made the list of achievements, and on the 12th day, I revised this list.
On the 3rd day, I made the list of my dreams, on the 13th day I revised this list.
On the 4th day, I made the list of skills to be learned, I revised it on the 14th day.
On the 5th day, made the list of great people, I read it loud on the 15th day.
0n 6th day I made of list of people I need to help. I read it aloud on the 16th day.
On the 7th day, I made the list of places I want to travel.
On the 17th day, I revised this list.
On the 8th day.I made the list of benefits of exercise.
On the 18th day, I revised the list of benefits.
On the 9th day, I made the list of people with negative. Until the 19th day, I will not meet them. On the 10th day, I made the list of things that improve my mood. I revised it on the 20th day.
On the 21st day, I will revise everything. Did I thank God for everything? Did I remember my achievements? Did I learn about great people? Did I learn about great people? I have learned to improve my mood. I now know which people make negative. I will stay away from them. I have the strength and power to achieve my goals.

First I thank god, I am confident due to my achievements. I have some dreams. I will learn new skills for that. I will gain knowledge. I will share this knowledge and skill with others. I will travel the world and increase my knowledge. I will become physically strong. I will stay away from people with negative thinking. I know how to be happy always. Make it into a theme.

You have completed 21 days. it is now a habit. Life will change in 21 days. Apply all this in your life, it is your hard work. Follow it for success. It is the way of your self-improvement. 

Dear students, dear friends, you completed the 21-day course. I am happy. Your thinking will change after this. You will become goal oriented. Review your performance and learn and improve. Thank you very much.


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Accounting Education: How to be Happy as An Accountant - Part 2
How to be Happy as An Accountant - Part 2
Accounting Education
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