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Don't Do 13 Things if You Want to Become Successful Entrepreneur

Stand up and Smile. Still we have time to prove ourselves.
Just don't waste time on the things which you should not do.

If you  are doing the job or accountant or you are working in any accounting department or doing business in part of the world or doing any job and following my website from past from many years. One thing is very clear, I want to see you on the chair of entrepreneur instead of doing job. If you have decided to become successful entrepreneur, then you must remember 13 things which don't do at any cost.

1. They Don't Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves

All  successful entrepreneurs don't waste the time feeling sorry for themselves. They know that all do mistakes in business. Something like, they have cheated others. But when they accept mentally this. Still they don't waste time feeling sorry for themselves. With this, history can not repeat. So, same time, they start to do good for other. They start to help other same time. With this, they feel good. They think, to help selfless other is real punishment instead saying sorry all the time. They distribute in helpless which they collected from cheating other and promise to themselves that they do business with honesty in future.

2. They Don't Give Away Their Power

Every successful entrepreneur wants to use power for growth of his business.So, if someone criticise or do wrong with him, he immediately pardon to him. With this, he will save energy and time from fighting with him or complain against him. For example, your competitive entrepreneur wants to defeat you by criticising about you every-time. He speaks publicly that you are idiot and you are doing business by taking high price from customer or speaking that you are giving poor quality product or he tries to insult you and your business all the time by fake allegations. What do you do.You can either start fight with him. It is wrong. With this, you will give your power to him. But real successful entrepreneur does not do same. They never care on other criticism and insult. They focus on own business. They do hard work for reducing cost and improving the quality of product.

3. They Don't Shy Away from Change

All successful entrepreneurs don't shy away from change. They are doing business, so they know, there will big changes. When life of people is changing fastly. It is sure their business will also change. So, they prepare themselves for this change.

 If I say about my business. I have seen lots of changes in my business but I have already prepared myself for every change. I know, there is benefit and disadvantage of every change in my business. So, I always ready to adjust if any change in my business. Few years ago, my online customers use the computer. But know use mobile. So, I have changed my ecommerce website according to it and made it more mobile friendly. Started mobile app. Now more focus on mobile whatsapp for reach my customer. So, I tried to adjust myself with any change in the environment of business. This is life and we have to prepare for change. There is no reason to sleep and shy away from change.

4: They Don't Focus on Things They Can't Control

All successful entrepreneur don't focus on the things they cann't control. For example, they don't waste time for listening the tasty stories after Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 note ban. They don't discuss it all the time. Because they don't control it. It has the control of Indian Govt. then why they will focus on it. Instead focus on these uncontrollable things, they use their time for listening the success and inspirational stories of other successful entrepreneur. So, they get big energy to do more growth in their business.

5: They Don't Worry About Pleasing people

Every successful businessman is successful because he or she is decision taker. So, they do not worry about pleasing other people. He or she do not worry what customers think if he or she increases the price or changing in the quality. Every successful entrepreneur knows that he or she does not make happy to whole world. He or she never take the decision under pressure of other. He or she takes time for better decision making.

6: They Don't Fear Taking Calculate Risks

All successful entrepreneurs take risks. But they do not take uncalculate risks. They also do n't fear of taking calculate risks. So, understand what is calculate risk and what is uncalculate risk. For example, you want to become the investor of share market. You don't know this business. So, if you will spend your all capital in it without learning the secretes of it. It is sure, you will lose your all capital. Instead of it, you start from your small capital. You start also learning about the secretes of share market. So, as you know, you increase the capital. First, you invest your Rs. 10,000 and learn about share market. Then invest Rs. 20,000 and learn from your mistakes in this market. Then invest Rs. 50,000 and learn. So, learn and learn. You will become the expert and the expectation level, you can also invest your Rs. 10,00,000. Mutual fund companies are investing billions of Rs. in share market because they do not fear taking calculating risks. But you have to learn first and then inspire from them.

7: They Don't Dwell on the Past 

There may be the success stories or failure stories of entrepreneur in past. All are useful for learning. Remembering success stories will inspire them. Remembering failure stories give them experience for improving them. But they don't dwell or focus on the past. With this, they do not get time for making new plans for getting more success in present or future.

For example, I feel smile by remembering my past success stories. This smile give me energy to work like this with more innovative ways. Same past success inspiration has given me next success. But I never focus only on past. I use my past for better business decision.

8: They Don't Make the Same Mistakes Over and Over

All successful entrepreneur do not make the same mistakes over and over. For example, I have eBook selling business. I came one customer who was interested to get its some free sample before buying my ebook. So, I say no and I sell him. Now, he told me, he did not like my ebook. So, give him his money back. It was my biggest mistake in my ebook business. So, I had lost both my revenue and customer. But I did not make this mistake over and over. Again, I got one new customer. He was also interested to get free sample. I send him the link of my Google Play Store where I published all my ebooks and my customer can read 20% of it free of cost as sample. So, my customer was so happy and bought same from my ebook from my google play store. I had partnership with google play-store. So, I received my earning via google play store. Now, without repeating mistake, I am successful because I did not lose of my customer and my revenue.

In my life, I tried to become fully disciplined. I tried not to waste time. Wasting of time is the biggest mistake of life. So, I tried to make goal based time table. What I do or what I don't do.

 9: They Don't Resent Other People's Success 

All successful entrepreneur don't feel jealous from other entrepreneur success. They think, it is playground and competition is just sport spirit. Other competitor success will inspire them to do better in future. They publicly appreciate their competitor who got success with hard work. They are also interested to become the part of team of all other successful entrepreneur. They don't feel sad by thinking why God does not give them same. Instead they use their energy for doing better.

10: They Don't Give Up After the First Failure

Success and failure is the part of life. They think themselves as student of any small class. For example, if a student fail in 5th standard. It is sure, he will pass in next year. If any entrepreneur has failed in his business, he should never give up. If he tried with improved way and hard work, it is sure, he will get success with great reward.

 11: They Don't Fear Alone Time 

Never fear alone time because successful entrepreneurs don't fear alone time. Every time when they alone, they meet themselves. They use same time for self analysis. Remember, there is only excellent person in the world and which is you. So, leave to fear alone time. Same time, concentrate your all energy and use it for focusing your mind.

12: They Don't Feel the World Owes Them Anything

You should not expect what world has given to you. Never think narrow like if you will be born in rich home, then you do best. It is wrong. What will you give to world, you will receive in 10 times. Accept what you are and start to give and you will get 10 times. If you want success in your business, start to work on the product which will help and solve the problems of your customers. It will great giving to your customer and you will get its 10 times.

 13: They Don't Expect Immediate Results

The successful entrepreneur keeps patience all the time. He or she feels happiness on his work and used time and used skills for his or her work. He or she knows, there is also the need of time to grow his or her success plant. So, he or she don't expect immediate results. I am doing business from last 10 years. For converting my successful business, I have kept patience for 10 years. You do not expect it in one day. Try to keep patience, you will also get success in your business.  




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Accounting Education: Don't Do 13 Things if You Want to Become Successful Entrepreneur
Don't Do 13 Things if You Want to Become Successful Entrepreneur
Accounting Education
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