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How to Use Google Spreadsheet Offline

>> December 13, 2013

Whether you are doing accounting work or any other business work, you have surely taken the support of google spreadsheet like ms excel for completing your work. Now, google spreadsheet is the part of Google drive which is one of famous product of google and you can find it in your google account.

If you use new google spreadsheet offline, your all editing will be updated online automatically when you will be connected with internet. You can use this facility where there is big disturbance of internet network and you have to do your work in the google spreadsheet without wasting your time.  For using google spreadsheet offline when there is no internet facility, you have to keep whole google drive offline. For this, we are giving following steps:

1. Open Google Drive with your using Gmail password and Id.

2. In the left side of google drive, you will find offline.  Click it.

3. Click the Get the app button for install the drive chrome web app. It will help you to use google spreadsheet offline. This link will carry you to google web-store where you can install this google drive app.

4. Now in New window, you will click the free of Google drive app and then click the add for completing the process of installing google drive in your computer.

5. Now, again go to your Online Google Drive and again click offline button and then click enable editing offline. It will take few seconds and you will see enabled after few seconds. 

You will also get the message in your google drive. Just visit when you're offline to open these files. Now, if you have no internet connect, you just open the google drive by writing and you can go to your google spreadsheet. You can see it and edit it and save it. It will be online share with public if you will connect it with internet. 

Main benefit of using google spreadsheet through this, your all update will be shown when you will connect online and use same google spreadsheet with other system or from any other place. You can also step using google spreadsheet offline. For this, you have to click rightside tool button.

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