It is Easy to Find Fault with Others

>> April 18, 2013

"It is easy to find fault with others, but it is very difficult to remove own faults." This is my favorite quote. Today my age is 33 years. I feel sometime sad, I spent these 33 years waste just seeing the faults with others. Today my life would so happy, if I spent my 33 years just removing own faults.

Let me explain my internal voice. I hate Gambling. I think, this is the big fault in the person if a person is gambling addiction. Suppose, a person becomes my friend. He trusts on me and I trusts on him. But one day, I see him on the shop of lottery. I find that he is big gambler. I cut him my list of friendship just seeing he is gambler. I cut off all my relation with him just finding one fault in him.

It is easy to find fault, If you judge people, you have no time to love them

But when I think the great quote, "It is easy to find fault with others, but it is very difficult to remove own faults." I try to understand myself.

Am I not worse a gambler? Why am I writing? Why am I doing work? Why am I running day and night? Just for getting money. Yes! and I also know, I am not God. I have to leave this body. I have to die. When I have to die, why am I collecting money more than my need? I have time to find the fault of my friend but I have no time to use my excess money for welfare of society. My friend is just waste the money but I am just wasting my life for making the accounts, balance sheet and profit and loss accounts of the defaulters of world. What is its benefit. Instead of this, I should look my own faults. How can I improve others when there are lots of faults inside me?

Some people say, " Out of 100, 99 Indians are corrupt." I think, these people are only those who see just faults with Indians. From today, I started to say, "Out of 100, 1 Indian is corrupt." and I know, who is he? Yes, I am corrupt. I can prove myself that I am only corrupt Indian and all 99 Indians are good.

a) Few years ago, A police man was issuing me challan for crossing red light but saving my time from facing court, I gave the bribe of Rs. 500. This is the first proof, I am only corrupt.

b) Few days ago, I traveled 15 days in west Bengal (State of India). I went with a group of 150 people. Without seeing, my name on reservation, I gave Rs. 6000 and went with them. When I was coming from west Bengal, I found that leader of group did not get the ticket on my name. Actually, he adjusted me with some one other. It means, I am corrupt person who traveled on Indian Railway by showing false identity.

c)  In Accounting Education, few months ago, I gave some contest, its 2nd and 3rd rewards are still in my pocket, I did not give to its winner. It is also my corruption.

d) I say this organisation as Not-for profit organisation but still it is not registered as charitable trust. I did not audit its account with certified CA. Is this not a proof, I am only one Indian corrupt who is just mis-leading others.

e) I have lots of problems in my database and after spending months, still I did not answer. Is it not proof, I am doing corruption in my duty.

Now again, I come to my point. There are lots of faults which I feel in myself. So, I have no right to find the faults in others. Like me, you should also spend your time for improve yourself. This is the best way of living.

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Nitesh Joshi April 18, 2013 at 10:29 PM  

Thank you Sir! You have enlighten the hidden truth. It takes a great deal of courage to agree and realize own mistakes on a mass. You have shared a great lesson today.

subhash April 19, 2013 at 10:05 AM  

good post .. love ur site .

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