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Why are My Accounting Answers not matching

>> March 24, 2013

Respect sir, I am studying in class +2. Our sir give me project in which I have to record any 30 transactions in journal entry, posting them into ledger,draw a trial balance and prepare profit & loss a\c and balance sheet . but my answer are always wrong. so I request to you plz. tell me the reason of not matching my accounting answers. 

Sukhvir Singh
I am trying to give some tips, hope you will like

Sukhvir Singh! This is not just your problem but this is the common problem of all the students who are studying accounting. So, today, I am giving some tips which will be helpful for you and after following this, your accounting answers will matching with book's answer.

1. Before recording the accounting transactions, you should study the rules and regulations of journal entries, posting into ledger, trial balance, profit and loss account and balance sheet. If you will not follow the rules, your answer will come wrong. For example, God has made the rule to open the sun in the morning and close in the evening. This earth, this sky and this universe is operating under the rule of God. Like this, there are lots of rules and regulation of accounting book. Please study and try to understand them. I have explained all these rules in very simple words at here

2. See maximum examples of journal entries, ledger posting, trial balance, profit and loss account and balance sheet  in your accounting book. It will be helpful to be perfect for solving accounting problems. There are lots authors who write accounting books. Buy more than one book and study the accounting examples. I have also made accounting example sections. Please study all these examples also at here.

3. There may be possible that given accounting answers in book are wrong. If you follow the rules and regulations of accounting. You have solved after study maximum accounting examples, so, you should be confident. Increase your power to say that answers in the books are wrong.

4. Request to your accounting teacher that you could not understand this concept properly. I think, it is duty of good teacher to teach you maximum times.

5. Never give up try. If answer is wrong one time. Go to picnic. Increase your positive think and then try. I think, next attempt with more confidence will correct your answer.

6. Learn 10 different ways  to solve your accounting problems at here. Remember, now, my email address is instead of 

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