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How Cyber Criminals Steal Money

>> February 10, 2013

"How Cyber Criminals Steal Money?" is not only important question for banks but it is the important question to every company. Not just company, every individual person should also know the steps which a cyber criminal uses for stealing the money because only after this, we can make strong lock to avoid all these steps.

There are many ways for cyber criminals for finding the weak points of online cash holders. By taking the benefits of all these points, cyber criminals steal money.

 1. Web Application Vulnerabilities

For example, we take the example of Wordpress. It is Web application. There are lots of plugin which are installed in wordpress. Wordpress is operated on .php. It is very easy to add Cross-site Scripting or java script. If you sell the goods by giving the option of online payment. If anybody redirect your's page to's page, a user will pay to Through this, cyber criminal steal money.

Symantec Website has explained 5 main web application vulnerabilities.

  1. Remote code execution
  2. SQL injection
  3. Format string vulnerabilities
  4. Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  5. Username enumeration

2.  Data Theft

When any virus captures your computer. It is very easy for cyber criminals to steal identity information. If you have added all your personal information in your computer relating to your bank accounts. It will be helpful for them to steal money from your bank account. So, never write your username or password in the computer.

3. Steal Credit Card Information

There are many ways for cyber criminals for stealing credit card information. They can steal your credit card information when you will pay the bill of petrol through credit card or pay the bill of food. They use skimmer. There are also other ways whose detail, you can read at bank website.

4. Hacking of Bank Servers 

A big criminal organisation may hack the bank server and then blackmail to bank. If they did not pay their demanded money, they can shut down the servers.

5. Through Malware 

In this way, first of cyber criminal will throw the malware in your computer. After this, they will compromise your computer machine. Compromise means, they can see all your internet and computer activity through other computer. So, it will be very easy for them to steal all your money because they can find which bank account is used by you for different payment. What password is used and where did you keep the same password in the computer. Some antimalware softwares are also cyber criminals' softwares. So, never download without good trust on the website.

6. Through Selling Your Personal Information to the Black Market

Like other black market, there is big black market where personal information are bought and sold. Big cyber criminals buys all such information. They target the big finance organisations and steal their money.

7. Redirect the Traffic of Commercial Websites 

After hacking any commercial website, they redirect the website and its all page to their website ( or other). Suppose, your page views per day is 70,00,000. Suppose, your site hack for 2 days. You can estimate the lose of money in 2 days.

8. Email Attack 

It is common. You can say them spam email. But these emails are helpful for cyber criminals to steal your bank money. For example, they send an email as your bank authority. For example, in your bank account, there is $ 500,000. One email came from your bank in which bank's link was given. But it was not bank's website link. It is the link of cyber criminals website but it looks like bank's website. You fill your username and password. but you see that your account's information is stolen by cyber criminal. Within few second. Cyber criminal will request your bank to pay your bill of $ 5,00,000. Bank thinks that it is the request of his customer. But it was not his customer. It was the cyber criminal who transferred the money to other cyber criminal.

All above  detail has explained by Neil Daswani who is security engineer of Google. Watch his following  video.

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varsha ni hely February 12, 2013 at 2:40 AM  

It's a useful information to stop the cyber crime.

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