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Procedure of Filing Vat Return

>> January 25, 2013

Explain me the procedure to file Service Tax Returns and VAT returns step by step if possible. Awaiting for your early n favorable reply.
Ritesh from India 

Ritesh, First of all, I have to inform that I have already explained the procedure to file Service Tax Returns  and 28,000+ students have already learned it procedure through my svtuition youtube channel and through Accounting Education Website. Recently, I have also uploaded the Video of File of E-Return of VAT in same channel and gave its written notes in my Svtuition Website. You can see the written and Video tutorial of filling the Service Tax Return at here and here. So, today, in this lecture, I am explaining again the procedure of filling VAT Return.

VAT introduced in India from 1st April 2005. This VAT is collected by each state's excise and taxation department. You have to register yourself with them. You will get TIN no. which is used for filling return online as username. VAT's return is filed on end of every 3 months. Following is the video procedure which will explain the procedure of filling VAT Return online. In this Video example, I have taken file tax in Chandigarh UT.

1st Step : Get Your TIN Number 

For getting TIN (Taxpayer identification number or Tax information Network) number, you have to contact with your state's tax department. This TIN is 11 digit number and its first 2 characters will show your state identification. For example, this is dealer's VAT TIN - 27130584363. 27 are two character which is the identification of taxpayer of VAT. 27 is of Maharashtra state.

2nd Step : Download Blank VAT Return File 

Some states have developed online software to fill all the information online without downloading any return software. But other states and UT will give you the link of excel blank file in which you have to fill your information.

3rd Step :  Write your Detail and Paid the VAT in the Bank 

Write all the detail. Paid valid VAT payable money in bank. Write its challan number in the VAT Return.

4th Step : Login Your State's VAT Website 

Go to the official Tax site of your state. Login it with your TIN.

5th Step : Upload the Return File of VAT with Paid VAT Detail 

Upload your VAT return. All information which is required must be filled by you. I have given sample of required information in VAT return.

Many State Govt. will issue you the Guide PDF File in which they will explain everything about filing the return of VAT. Following is the Sample of Assessee who file his VAT Return in Punjab.

Form VAT 15

Form VAT 18

Form VAT -23

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