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Journal Entries of Excise

>> August 17, 2012

When any company or manufacturer buys his good from supplier, supplier  has to get his money and excise duty on these goods. After its production, when manufacturer sells these goods to his customers and distributors, he will get his money and excise duty. On this received excised duty, he will get the power of
excise credit on his purchased goods under Cenvat Act. It means, he will deduct his total paid or payable excise duty from total received or receivable excise duty and balance, he will deposit in Govt. account. It is just same like VAT rules. Following are the main journal entries which are relating to excise or excise duty.

In the Books of Manufacturer

1. When we purchase goods with Excise duty on Purchase 

Purchase Account Debit 1000

Excise Duty on Purchase Account Debit  200

Creditor  Account Credit 1200

2. When we sell goods with Excise duty on Sale  

Debtor  Account  Debit  1750

 Sale Account Credit 1500

Excise Duty on Sale  Credit 250

3. When Excise Duty Paid in Advance 

Excise Duty in Advance  Debit  20

 Bank Account of Govt. Credit  20

4. Excess of Excise duty on sale over excise duty on purchase and excise duty in advance will be payable to Govt. 

Excise Duty on Sale  Account  Debit  250

Excise Duty on Purchase Account Credit 200

Excise Duty in Advance Credit Rs. 20

* PLA  Credit 30

5. When Excise duty is paid in Govt. Account 

* PLA  Debit  30

 Bank Account of Govt. Credit 30

*Personal Ledger Account (PLA) is an account current through which Assessee pays the Duty to the Government. The PLA register is credited when the duty is liable to pay and when the Duty is discharged (by CENVAT Credit /Payment) the PLA register will be debited. The Duty Payable if any will be displayed as Balance. PLA and CENVAT Credit should be used only for payment of excise duty and not for any other payments like rent, fines, penalties etc.

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Anonymous,  April 9, 2015 at 7:49 PM  

Why bank account of govt. is being credited here and under which group PLA falls ?

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