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How to Secure a Debt

>> July 4, 2012

To secure a debt means if your debtor does not pay your debt, you can sell his property and get your money of debt. If you have given loan on the basis of collateral, then it will be already secured. If you have given unsecured loan, you can secure it by filling a simple legal document whose name is lien. You can choose any asset of your debtor whose cost is almost equal to your debt. It may be the inventory or other fixed asset of debtor. On the basis of lien, your will be secured. Now, question is, how to lien a property

How to Lien Property

There are two ways to lien your property.

1. First way when you sell your property, it should be with lien. Suppose, you are selling car. You have sell it on the terms of lien. If a person who get your car on the credit and if he can not pay your money, you can easily take the car and sell to other party for getting your car's value. Like this, you can lien on every property.

2. Second way is just go to civil court. You have to filed case against your debtor and  get a judgment to collect unpaid debts owed to you. If you do not know this procedure, just meet a lawyer who can give you better advice.

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Dexter jazz April 1, 2014 at 1:27 PM  

You describe the precious information about the Debt and its uses. Thank you so much for sharing this one.
Debt Collection

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