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How to File eTDS revised Return

>> July 6, 2012

When there is any mistake in filling of eTDS or you want to change your name, address, challan serial no., BSR code, challan tender date, challan amount and other details or you have to file any information which you  had forgotten in first time filling of eTDS return, you can file eTDS return. It is also called corrected filling of eTDS return. Before learning the steps to file eTDS revised return, we should know all the reasons of revised return.
  1. Update deductor details such as Name, Address of Deductor. This type of correction is known as C1
  2. Update challan details such as challan serial no., BSR code, challan tender date, challan amounts etc. This type of correction is known as C2.
  3. Update/delete /add deductee details. This type of correction is known as C3.
  4. Add / delete salary detail records. This type of correction is known as C4.
  5. Update PAN of the deductee or employee in deductee/salary details. This type of correction is known as C5.
  6. Add a new challan and underlying deductees. This type of correction is known as C9.
  7. Cancel accepted statement. This type of correction is known as Y. Regular TDS /TCS statement can be cancelled only if the TAN of the deductor is to be corrected. After the regular statement with incorrect TAN is cancelled a regular TDS / TCS statement with the correct TAN should be filed.
Steps to File eTDS Revised Return

1st Step : Use Required Structure for Revising the eTDS return 

You have to use same format or structure for revising your eTDS return which you have chosen during original filling of return of eTDS

2nd Step : Revise  Your Data Through  Return Preparation Utility

With help of latest RPU File, you can revise your all data for eTDS. You can download it from . Left side of this website will be login select the radio button TAN account. By submit your user id, passward and TAN number, you can go inside of it. Select TDS/TCS and then / View Consolidated file. Type the detail what it has asked and submit. Then it will ask some question, submit them. After this, you will able to download the file. This download file will be just like database. Add correct information in it. 

3rd Step : Validate or verify your prepared Revised e-TDS return

You can download the file validation utility from here. After this, add input your revised file in it and validate. 

4th Step : Filling of e-TDS Revised Return

A ) Go to TIN – FC ( center) near to your office

e-TDS returns can be filed at any of the TIN-FC opened by the e-TDS Intermediary for this purpose. Addresses of these TIN-FCs are available at the website on  or at .

B) Filling of e-TDS Return Online 

Now, you have also facility to file your revised e-TDS return online. For this, you have to login with online  etds/TCS filling.

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