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How to Implement Inventory System in Tally.ERP 9

>> November 23, 2011


I have gone through your tutorial in youtube and learnt a lot about tally erp 9.
i have tally erp 9 version 1.1.
I have business of ladies suits manufacturing in new Delhi. I have proprietorship firm. I want to implement tally myself for accounts as well as inventory purpose.
my business process is like this.

we purchase cloth from Mumbai and surat in rolls of 100 mtrs of different colour of different variety and we cut piece of cloth in mtrs and gave to contractor for embroidery work and stitching. and we receive our processed work in pieces.. e.g. we gave 20 suit pieces at a time of 1 design he gave back 6 at a time , 8 at a time and 6 at a time.. we have problem of maintaining the record of pieces of different design and payment we made to contractor.. as we are maintaining physical record.. we want to maintain records in tally erp 9.. is it possible? we want to maintain records of physical inventory placed at our store house with tally erp.. so that we can easily know what our physical stock is there so we can order raw material in single click with help of erp.. i don't have knowledge of inventory in erp.. for my business.. pls help me to implement tally erp in my business...
is this software is helpful for my business inventory and accounts problem.. I did so i have basic accounts knowledge of journal and entries and balance sheet... please help me regarding implementation of process..
and also. help me side by side.. in inventory basically how to maintain such stock
of raw material .. work in process and finished good..
thank you... waiting for ur reply.. and u are doing great job...

take care

Sachin Taneja from India

First of all, you did not provide me all the information. For example, in 100 meters how much will you get the pieces of suit. What is the price of your buying of raw material and What is the amount of payment you pay to contractor. Ok, it may be due to your business privacy. So, I took some estimations of all these questions. On these estimations, I am trying to solve your problem through following video. I hope, you will see it and it will solve your problem.

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