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Automation of CBSE Examination

>> November 15, 2011

CBSE is one of important board for providing secondary education in India. Recently, it updated its system for taking examination. As per new automation system of examination, CBSE is using an educational software for generation and delivery of question papers. Still it is beta. It means, it is being applied for the examination of Class IX and X.

What is Special in this Educational Software

1. Time Saving 

This educational software can be used online. Every school who is affiliated with CBSE can get question paper from this online educational software by providing verification of credentials. So, with this automation, teachers can save their time for creating a question paper.

2. Speed 

This educational software will have the power to save 8000 schools question papers and download online when they need.

3. Update

For updating this automation of examination system, teachers will add new questions and updates in this bank.  Software will mix all these updates for generating new question papers for each subject and each class.

I think state board of India should also use this type of educational software for getting above benefits. In my state, teachers' time is misused for sending them population survey, voting purpose, supervision for foods for students etc. Teachers should be appointed only for teaching. From this vision, CBSE has taken good step.

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