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How to Deposit Cash with an ATM

>> August 11, 2011

Today, I deposited my cash in my SBI saving account with ATM within few seconds. It was very interesting experience for me. So, today, I am sharing its procedure. In this procedure, there are simple three steps to deposit cash with an ATM.

1st Step : Procedure is very simple. You just go to a bank where is swap machine. Now, swap your ATM card in swap machine. You should care that your black Drop curtain of ATM card should be inside of swap machine. Drag your ATM fastly and you will see three options in swap machine. One is deposit, second is withdraw and third is transfer.

ATM Swap Machine

2nd Step : Select first option of deposit and fill the amount of deposit. Suppose, I want to deposit Rs. 5,00,000. Fill Rs. 5,00,000 in it.

3rd Step : After this, it will ask you PIN number. It should be same which you use for withdrawing money from ATM. Then click right side green button two times. Give same money to cash collector. Feel happy, your Rs. 5,00,000 has been deposited in your saving account with these few steps but you have contributed for saving papers. Saving of papers means saving of trees. So, start to deposit cash with an ATM and contribute for nature protection.

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Akram January 15, 2013 at 7:25 AM  

Excellent post & simple to understand
Thanks Vinod Sir

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