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4 Good Qualities of Accountant

>> June 8, 2011

( Remember : Smile is Good Quality of Accountant)

Good qualities of accountant makes him professional and expert in the field of accounting. Many experienced accountants have shared good qualities of an accountant. Some of them, I am sharing with you. Are you missing to read them? Yes, then read here.

1. Regular Learning of Accounting

There is big difference in learning and regular learning of accounting. Regular learning of accounting means to learn something of accounting daily. This is one of the good qualities of accountant. For learning accounting regularly, great accountants search new things of accounting everyday, they discuss different accounting problems in accounting conferences and learn the solutions. By this, they improve their skills of accounting.

2. Sustainability in Accounting Works

Sustainability is good quality of accountant. Accountant should be stable in accounting work. In beginning of accounting work, he may appoint as account assistant. When he gets experience, he is promoted and at that time he makes much money. After huge experience, they can also become successful businessmen.  This quality makes accountant realistic. He gives more preference to his accounting responsibilities. He did not see the watch but he spend his all time to complete accounting work with his super and sustainable energy.

3. Self - Discipline

Self discipline is also good quality of accountant. He has to manage debtors, inventory, assets and liabilities. He has to make different accounting reports. Without self-discipline, he never complete his all work within his duty time. He should do his duty with discipline way because a very small mistake can waste big time of accountants and others.

4th Courtesy

Courtesy quality of accountant makes him perfect because with this, he can win the mind of all the persons near to him.If he has done any accounting mistake or something wrong, he does not leave his Humility. He talk very politely with his staff and other CA's staff. Courtesy is the way of his success. If you do not have this quality and you feel angry, if anybody asks your mistake. First of all try to control your blazing of anger. Drink cold water and bring peace on your face and walk away for an hour in garden. After this bring smile on your face.  This will increase your courtesy quality.

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