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Alternate Banking Delivery Channels

>> May 17, 2011

Could u pl obliged me by providing literature on 'ALTERNATE BANKING DELIVERY CHANNELS ' for academic purpose only.
thnx  and rgds,

Deepak Saxena ( State Bank of India) from India
Deepak sharma, a simple advance search in google can give of lots of good literature relating to alternate banking delivery channels if you select file type as pdf or .doc. Almost all banks have published the literature on alternate banking delivery channels. Some of them, I have also studied. I am sharing what I have learnt:

What are alternate banking delivery channels?

Alternate banking delivery channels are new channels and methods for providing banking services directly to customers. We can include Internet banking channel, e-banking, intelligent electronic device, ATM, kiosk, or touch tone telephone credit cards, debit cards, net banking, home banking and  mobile banking.

A. Internet Banking Channel

Page of PNB Net Banking
There are lots of benefits of this type of banking delivery channels. One of best benefit is to transfer your money to other bank account. Suppose, I have bank account in PNB and I want to deposit money in other other trader's bank account. What will be the traditional system. I have to go bank. I have to make bank draft. I have to send it to the party. That party will bring it to his bank branch. That party will give it for collect. Only after clearing, I will be able to pay him through traditional banking channel. Now, system is totally changed. Now, I have my Internet banking id and password of PNB and I have to add the party to whom I have to pay. It will be 24 hours to accept my request. After this, I will be able to pay within second. Just click transfer and write the amount and his account. I can transfer money 24 hours to that party from my Internet banking.

B. Core Banking or Centralized Banking

Bank customers may reach their funds from any of the member branch offices. This channel has been made by joining  all servers with main and common server.

C. Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Suppose, I need money at Mumbai at the night. I can withdraw it through ATM without taking tension. Now, I need not to carry all money in pocket. I need just an ATM and PIN of 4 digit. With this, I can withdraw money from any bank's ATM. This delivery channel of bank has saved customer's lots of time and risk.

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