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PNB Online Fund Transfer

>> January 17, 2011

Today, I  learned to PNB online fund transfer. PNB online fund transfer is so easy and fast. So, I am ready to start it for all my bank transfer through online PNB Account. Here, I am writing my first time experience in this case.


1. Login To Online PNB Account

First of all, I had to login my online PNB account by using the user id and password which was given by my branch to me.

2. Change Txn Password

It is the first time, my online pnb account asked me to change txn password. After changing it, I could reach to my home page of online pnb account.

3. Click on Transfer Link in My PNB Online Account

When, I clicked on transfer button in my pnb online account, transfer payment button showed me in left side also and I also clicked transfer payment

4. Click on  Payee Setup (within PNB transfers)

 5. Click on Register a Payee for Transfers within PNB

6.  Add Payee by writing name of payee and payee account no. and then click on add payee button

7.  Click Back on Bill payment and then click make a new payment

8. Click Payment to a Payee within PNB

9. Write the amount of payment and payment remark and then click pay button

Note : Problem Facing Regarding Payment payment via online pnb

dear customer, credit would be effected solely on the basis of beneficiary account number entered by the customer

After asking the problem with customer care, he said to me, " Wait 24 hours for payment after Register a Payee for Transfers within PNB.

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Anonymous,  January 28, 2012 at 2:16 AM  

sbi and icici net banking is very secure and easy.pnb net banking is not safe at all.

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