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Nature of Management Accounting

>> December 15, 2010

Nature of management accounting guides to know main characteristics of management accounting. Following are main points which shows the nature of management accounting:

1. No Fixed Norms Followed

In financial accounting, we follow different norms and rules for creating ledgers and other account books. But there is no need to follow fixed norms in management accounting. Management accounting tool may be different from one organization to other organization. Using of different tools of management accounting is fully dependent on the persons who are using it. So, business policy of each organization affects rules and regulation of applying management accounting.

2. Increase in Efficiency

It is the nature of management accounting that it is used for increasing in the efficiency of organization. It scans the points of inefficiency through analysis of accounting information. By taking action for improving, organization can increase the efficiency.

3. Supplies Information not Decisions

Management accountant supplies accounting facts and information and also provides interpretation, but decision making is fully dependent on higher authorities. Management accounting is just guide.

4. Concerned with Forecasting

It is the temperament of management accounting that it is fully concerned with forecasting. In management accounting, historical accounting information is analyzed through common size financial statement, ratio analysis, fund flow analysis and accounting data tendency for knowing the probability of next fact. So, all these things are especially useful for forecasting.

These forecasting may be related with following things

a) sales forecasting
b) production forecasting
c) earning forecasting
d) cost forecasting

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Anonymous,  May 15, 2013 at 7:04 AM  

Thanks for the information, was very helpful.

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