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What is Motion Study

>> August 23, 2010

Like time study, motion study is also useful tool to increase the efficiency. Here, we are defining it. You know that workers can do any work with many ways or method. But to choose the best way out of alternatives is called motion study. For this, cost accountant has to maintain the data of all the activities of workers. With this study, productivity can be enlarged and inefficiency  and wastage can be diminished.

In motion study, we first of all, note the activities of laborers in work place. With the help of stop watch equipment, spending time on per activity is noted. After this, we have to take decision of activities which we have to stop. This study or analysis determines prime method of doing any activity in factory. Sometime software engineer can make the work design relating to workplace arrangement and adjustable chair for workplace.

Benefits of Motion Study

1.  It grows the ability of workers because apply of good methods, using of good tools and stopping of unnecessary activities.

2. Life of machine can be increased.

3. It reduces exhaustion of workers.

4. It decreases labor cost due to less wastage in factory or plant.

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