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Calculate Cost Accounting Linear Regression in MS Excel

>> August 2, 2010

The following video screencasts describes how you can easily do linear regression  in ms excel  for determining what part of a mixed cost is a Fixed Cost and what part is a Variable Cost. Also See how to create a Scatter Diagram and add Trend Line.

This video is for a Highline Community College Cost Accounting Class.

The SLOPE (m) function calculates the slope of the linear equation y = m*x + b

The INTERCEPT (b) function calculates the intercept of the linear equation y = m*x + b

The RSQ (r^2) function calculates the Coefficient Of Determination (how much influence x has on y)

The symbol carrot ^ (Shift + 6) is used for exponents

The ROUND function must be used when:
1) multiplying decimals;
 2) you are required to round (money requires that you round because the smallest unit is a penny); 3) you will use your formula results in subsequent formulas.

How to Calculate Cost Accounting Regression in MS Excel

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