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Relationship of Finance with Other Discipline

>> May 3, 2010

In these other discipline, we can include production and its department, marketing and its department and personnel and its department. Relationship shows balanced behavior of officers of finance department and other department's officers. They should concentrate on one target of company and many other things, they should know for creating good relation.

Relationship of finance with other discipline can be explained in following way:

 Relationship of Finance with Production

Production department’s main duty is to produce the goods. For producing goods, it needs raw material, labor and other expenses. For paying all expenses, production department needs money and fund which will be fulfilled by finance department. Finance department checks the budget of production department and allow funds for production department. With this view, we can understand that production department is dependent on finance department’s decision. Now, if production department performs his duty honestly and products are produced and sold on time, it will be helpful for increase sale and profitability and it will again recycle the fund with high profit in finance department. So, we can say both are dependent on each other. Both are players of business team. Both should be adopt co-operative view for each other. After this, business team can succeed in business.

Relationship of Finance with Marketing

Marketing department’s main duty is to sell maximum goods and satisfy the consumers. Its product’s input cost will decrease if all products are sold by marketers of company. For developing the product, promotion activities and distribution activities of marketing department need some money for paying salesmen, advertising budget and other promotional expenses. For this marketing department makes his marketing budget and it is cleared by finance department, but sometime finance department will not all specific marketing expenses but marketing department need that type of expenses for promotion of sales. This will create confliction. Good relations will be helpful for both departments. If both department does meeting and show behavior like good relative, the problem can easily solve. Both departments should think that both are the part of company’s organization and co-ordination between them is must. Sometime, marketing department obtains big order for supplying the goods, at that time finance department should help marketing department for arrangement of money for buying raw material and supplying fastly without any delay.

Relationship of Finance with Personnel

Personnel is that science which manages the employees of company and finance is that science which manage the money. If personnel department and finance department work together with co-operation, both departments can satisfy the objectives of company. It is the objective of company to satisfy employee by fulfilling their financial needs. It is also objective of company to reduce the misuse of fund by paying excess salary that required cost of doing work by employee. So, both department should understand each other’s objective and should help other department for fulfilling the objectives. One more thing, financial decisions are also very necessary in human resource area. Corporate are moving to the development of employees. They are human resource capital of company. Now, investment in training of employees, incentive schemes and retirement schemes etc should be calculated like other investment and both departments should take maximum advantages from this asset.

{ *} Tips  and  Warnings

Both department should communicate formally and informally. It is helpful for good relationship for both discipline.

Finance department should listen the talk of other department. Because other department managers are also well educated in their field, they know that they are doing well and without them  company can not do nothing.

Consistent Behavior should be helpful for finance related officers for dealing with other discipline.

It is general saying that if you give respect, you will get respect in response. Act upon this saying.

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