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Benefits of Strong Passwords

>> May 6, 2010

We can enumerate all benefits of strong passwords of your online account. Passwords very difficult or impossible to discover are considered strong. An example of a strong password is J*p2leO4>F ( But not to copy this but take idea from this). If Your Password Is 123456, Just Make It HackMe. Learn the benefits of strong passwords first.

Dear, You use online passwords for doing online business. For doing online business, you purchase a domain and you get its id and password. You can do online accounting or e-accounting profession after opening your account where you have to feed entries of record. Except these, you also use password in your GMail or google account and for securing your excel sheet or other computer data base. At that time, you also have to keep an confidential user name and password.

So, you should use strong password. In this password, you must not use dictionary words or contains personal information like your name or date of birth etc. Google Inc. has written many other tips for creating a secure password. So please read and act upon these tips, if you want to get following benefits of strong passwords.

1. If you have strong password, no hacker break it. Your online account becomes fully secured.

2. Second benefits of strong passwords that it can fail to brute force attack

3. All of us should take the lesson from Amit Agarwal's Gmail and Google Apps Hacking tragedy. In his original words

" # Log-in to your Gmail / Google Account and associate a phone number. This is useful because you’ll then receive an SMS text message whenever someone tries to recover your Google password.

# You should always have a public email address on your website that others can use to contact you directly. This public email address will also help people find and connect with your on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. However, you should make sure that you don’t provide administrative privileges to this email address in Google Apps because if someone hijacks this account, he will effectively take over your Google Apps domain. Create a new user in Google Apps as an administrator and never share this username with anyone else.

4. With strong passwords, you can save your Gmail account from security hijack. Study the reference of David Airey

5. Today, millions of employees work from home, attend virtual conferences and even complete college courses on websites protected by passwords. If it is strong, no unauthorized can enter in it.

6. For reducing the risk of intelligent word-guessing scripts, and clandestine keystroke loggers, it is important to impose requirements for minimum password lengths and inclusion of special characters, and to change online passwords frequently. All these action makes your passwords strong. You can take these measures without any difficulty.

7. Wikipedia's content Password strength shows the importance of strong passwords in good password policy. Strong passwords provides the quality of length, complexity, and randomness. I also like wikipedia following indicator.

" Using strong passwords lowers overall risk of a security breach, but strong passwords do not replace the need for other effective security controls.

Often, everybody ignore above lines of content. I have read it five times and this line teaches us that we must not use our strong password in public place or cafe. We must not ignore viruses. Use antivirus regularly.

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