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Objectives of Financial Management

>> April 5, 2010

Objectives of financial management fix the target of finance manager. Under the scope of financial management, he has to achieve different objective of financial management.

We can make the list of these objectives:

1. To Reduce the Misuse of Funds

It is the objective of financial management to reduce the misuse of funds. I can take my own example. I hate misusing of my hard earned money. Last month, I have bought DVD writer for starting business of CD and DVD of educational tutorials. But, after spending one month, DVD writer is being used for production or business purposes; I think this is misuse of my fund. If I deposited it in bank, I can earn interest on saving account on daily basis. Like me, company also misuses his funds in bad projects. We should learn from objective of financial management and reduce the misuse of even one rupee.

2. To Maximize the Profit in Long Run

If a businessman invests his money and wants to earn high profit, it means, it is taking high risk according to risk theory of financial management. This is not objective of financial management, but to maximize the profit in long run is real aim of financial management.

3. To Maximize the Wealth of Company

An investor only purchases shares, if he hopes that he will earn high profit on it, otherwise, he can deposit his money in saving account of bank. So, it is the objective of financial management to maximize the value of share. It can be possible by following way.

a) To Increase Dividend per share

b) To Increase Earning per share

c) To Analyze  the value of share in market

4. To Fulfill the Social Responsibility

Company uses the natural resources and earns money and funds. Suppose Xyz Company started a plant in F place and use water, land and machines, it earned 10 million dollars from that plant. According to my view, Xyz Company takes his all natural resources from society in the form of land, water, metal and minerals. God has made these things for whole society not a particular Xyz company. If Xyz Company has used these resources, then it is the duty of xyz Company to fulfill his responsibility toward society. This is the main objective of financial management. Company’s reputation can be calculated with how many employees are working in it. What facilities are given by company to his employees? If company only shows his balance sheet of dead plants, machinery and other assets but there is not provision of any social activity or donation, that company will not get any goodwill. Some companies are being operated on the basis of public deposits instead of share capital. Why? And answer is security and that company can give only the security who wants to benefit of society like a social worker. Ok

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