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Is There a Fun way to Teach Basic Accounting?

>> April 29, 2010

Accounting Teacher from Kingston, Saint Andrew, Jamaica wants to know,"Is There a Fun way to Teach Basic Accounting?"

I say yes!

 Many fun way techniques are developed for teaching basic accounting. For teaching fun way, you should know following steps

1st Step: To reduce the scope of Basic Accounting

For teaching fun way, you should reduce the scope of basic accounting. You can divide total basic accounting into accounting equation, double entry and journal entry.

2nd Step: Increase your Creativity

For this you should read my old article " Creativity in Accounting". You can easily increase your creativity in accounting by making accounting songs, accounting poems. It will also be helpful for process of learning.

3rd Step: Teach Step by Step with  Using PowerPoint Presentation

It is very advance result of world survey, if you make animated and interesting slides in PowerPoint for step by step teaching, you can create fun way environment for teaching basic accounting. You can take reference Debit and Credit Presentation.

4th Step: To Give Freedom to Students to Collect Basic Accounting Images From Google Image Search or Flickr Image Search

It is my experience, if you will give all your students freedom to search and collect basic accounting image, you can open the doors of fun with your basic accounting teaching. It will provide creative platform for your students.  Dear, I am not joking. From word joking, I have remembered the Jokes. You can do google image search of basic accounting jokes. It will teach easy and fun way basic accounting to your students. For creating Fun in Accounting, I have made Flickr Image Show with taking Accounting Tag. You can take its Fun at here.

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