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How can Small Businessman Use Tally.ERP 9 Himself for Keeping Accounts?

>> January 20, 2010


My name is Chetan.  I just want a suggestion from you I own a small business I maintain all accounts related to my work on paper....but I want to learn tally  software to keep my accounts. But I have no idea of how to use tally can u please help me out with this problem.



 If you are interested to maintain your all accounts in tally, then it is not difficult to learn this software. If you know manual accounting and double entry rules, you can fastly learn tally. If you have downloaded  and installed tally.erp 9 educational version for learning purpose and when you open it in educational mode, you should keep following points while you are operating tally.erp 9.

Ist Point #

 After this, first time when you open tally.erp 9, you will see company info and in this you have to create company. Simple fill the creation form and you can create company.

2nd Point #

Now check your manual balance sheet.

You will see some assets and liabilities accounts in your balance sheet with amounts.

Go to gateway of tally.erp

And make ledger accounts under different head. See direction from here.

Gateway of tally.erp 9 >> company info >> ledger >> create >> multiple ledger creation

When you are creating ledger account you have to add opening balance of your manual balance sheet items. Suppose, your balance sheet is showing building of Rs. 60,00,000, then it ledger account building under fixed asset will be open with opening balance  of Rs. 60,00,0000.

3rd Point #

When you create and add all ledger accounts, you can see balance sheet in tally.erp 9. It must be same as your balance sheet which you have made from manual accounts.

4th Point #

Now, stop maintaining your accounts manually. All your accounts' balance have been automatically transferred in tally.erp 9 and now, record you transaction only in tally.

 Because you are doing very small business, no need to record the transaction when happen. Collect all bills, receipts and vouchers and invoices. After week or month, feed it in tally.

Suppose, in month there are 20 new customers have purchased products from you.

Create there ledger accounts under debtor by mentioning their names. Same if you have purchased from 20 different suppliers add their names also. After this click Accounts vouchers. This button, you can see gateway of tally.erp 9 and in this right side you will receipt voucher, payment voucher, purchase voucher and sale voucher and journal voucher button. If you have graduated in Commerce, then you would know that in manual journal can also sub- division in cash book, purchase book, sale book and journal proper. Same funda is using tally.erp 9

Suppose, you have received cash or cheque from party, then enter it in receipt voucher. If you have to pay in cash or via cheque enter it in payment voucher.

 5th Point #

 Inventory management

First of all create units measurement in inventory info.

Gateway of tally.erp 9 >> inventory info >> unit measure

After this create your all stock items by mentioning opening balance of each stock item.

I do not know what is your business? But you must record all stock items in

Gateway of tally.erp 9 >> inventory info >> stock item

When you create all stock items, you can pass the voucher entry of purchase and sale.

After concentrating on different button and practicing these buttons, you can become expert with in few days.

There is no need any other work in tally.erp 9. All reports are automatically made by tally.erp 9.

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darshana October 1, 2010 at 10:23 PM  

i am darshana i want some suggestion about tally in my job one item already taken in stock item and nw i want to take it in fixed asset. how i can take it?

grey January 23, 2014 at 10:23 AM  

what to do after creatinga a new company? if it is newly commenced company which doesnt have last year balance. how to begain? wt to do? plz guide.

grey January 23, 2014 at 10:28 AM  

what to do after creating a new company? if it is a newly commenced company with no past records n balances. than where to begain ? how should i pass entries? which ledgers to create? and how to put money in the business for regular use. my company deal with electrical products.

MOHAMAD FEROZ ALI December 24, 2014 at 10:06 PM  

Hello Sir i am feroz i am working in trading company we use the multi currency option in tally we purchased goods from foreign countries after that purchase how made payment entry in foreign currency could you please explain this.

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