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How to Make Security Control in Tally.ERP 9 for Different Users

>> January 8, 2010

Sometime a large scale multinational company’s different employees can open Tally.ERP 9 in its office and in branch office by passwords. Accountant can open tally.erp 9 for data entry purposes, at the time of auditing, Independent Chartered Accountant also looks company accounts in Tally.ERP 9 for auditing purposes and finance manager can watch tally.erp 9’s profit and loss account and balance sheet for financial analysis.

In above situation, if we do not create different password and level of security then following problems may arise.

# First problem: It may possible that any user can change the features or configuration. After this, passing of data entry may be affected from these actions.
# Second problem: It is impossible to determine different users’ responsibility. Suppose, auditor’s duty is to check errors,scandals and frauds in accounting, but if accountant can access without any restriction, he can alter all voucher entries. After this, accountant can not responsible for his errors and mistakes.

For solving these problems, it’s very necessary to all Official authority of accounting and finance department to follow the idea which I have written below. After rough practice on tally, you can understand the following system.

It is the duty of Accounts Manager to set his Security Control user name as administrator and also set other users‘names and passwords.

For creating this he can follow following way in tally.erp 9.

Go to gateway of tally >> company info >> alter >> use security control = yes

After this, he has to make security control of different users and also fix their level. For this following steps will be taken.

Go to tally gateway >> Company info >> security control >> click types of security

In the types of security

Write Accountant and select his basic duty as data entry.

Then disallow him to access

Create/alter: back dated vouchers

You can also set the security level of manager or other users like independent auditors and internal auditor.
After this, press back button and then click users and passwords

Write name of user and set passwords

And accept the form

After this, shut the company and now only users whose names and passwords are given in tally security control can open tally.

Suppose, if you select disallow accountant to create/ alter: back dated vouchers. It means accountant can pass only voucher entries but he can not change the voucher entries after going to day book.
If you have selected disallow auditor to alter features and configuration, then auditor can not change the feature setting of accountant.

Following presentation and video will be helpful for becoming perfect in above concept.

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Linus April 3, 2010 at 2:09 AM  

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