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3 Security Defects Regarding Foreign Direct Investment in India

>> October 8, 2009

Foreign direct investment is useful for Indian development and it is helpful for providing infrastructure . With FDI , new resource can be generated by India . But if Indian Govt. ignore , its major three defects regarding FDI , then , foreign direct investment can raise many new problems .

  1. From many time , Indian Govt. had provided facility to Indian Companies for getting FDI from other countries and with Indian companies , many individuals and false companies had promote and utilize this fund for terrorism . It has become the major tool to create problems relating to the security of India .

  2. Mumbai terror attacks is one of major example of FDI misuse in India . Reason is clear . There is the defect in controlling system of entering FDI in India.

  3. Third and last defect is relating to checking . From long , time system of checking is not so good regarding what is coming with foreign traveller who are visiting India .

Now Indian Govt. has take action to overcome the situation and started ground action by checking baggage and tight airport ground handling

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