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How to Filter Debtors List in Ms. Excel

>> September 7, 2009

If you have recorded all debtors' transaction in ms. excel , then you need filter tool to analyze different debtors' list . You may be interested what is the balance of particular debtor from 500000 or 600000 debtors list in ms excel or you may be interested to know the debtors in different range . You may know who are the debtors whose balance is between Rs. 50000 to Rs. 70000 . So , all facility available in Filter .

First of all you have to select the title of data in ms excel , it may be name of debtors and amount receivable or balance . Then go to data option in menu bar and here you will see filter option , click it and then click on auto filter . After this you will see small filter button on the title of data . Click it and you can see the list of debtors . When you will select any debtor , excel show only that debtor's balance and all other debtors will hide . You can click also balance filter and select custom and here you can enter amount of balance between . After this click pop up box , you will see only all debtors who will come in this range .

Same filtering process can be done in google docs . In google docs , it is called " Validate data"
This option in tool of google spreadsheet . In pop up window of data validate you can fix the range of numbers as well as text also .

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