How to Solve Date Problem in Tally?

>> September 15, 2009

Many accountants are generally facing date problem in Tally. On the queries which I often get in my email account, I found following main date problems.

Tally is not feeding data on that date which is written by accountant.

Tally is not showing accountant reports on specific date.

What is difference between period and date in Tally?

Can data feed in Tally by ignoring date?

Now, I am solving date problem one by one. It is the general rule that transaction must be recorded when transaction are done and bill or voucher are taken by accountant. When the company is created, see financial year and base year. Is it correct? If it is previous or unrelated to the current period. First of all change it. Suppose, if you want to pass voucher entry of the period 1st April 2009 to 31st march 2010. Then financial period must start from first April 2009. It may also start before first April 2009. But, it never any other date because, it will effect on accounting vouchers.

After this when you pass the voucher entries. You must change date by click right side button of date. Here you will also see the button of period. Main difference of period and date button is that period is time limit in which date wise accounting entries are passed in Tally. If next financial period has started. Never change financial and base year in company creation but change period. Let me explain with an example.

Suppose, if the financial and base year is 1/4/2006 and current financial period is 1/4/2009. If you have written wrong period, date will not be written due to this mistake. If period is written 5th April 2009 to 31st march 2009. Then pass the voucher entry by writing 2/4/2009 in date pop up box. If you want to ignore date, just yes to skip date field in voucher entry configuration. If you want to feed entry regularly on date base then write no to skip date field in voucher entry configuration and accept.

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sunil October 27, 2009 at 1:25 AM  

Can we extract invoice details from tallyodbc server to MS excel / MS access, if possible please guide me to get it.


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