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Introduction of World Trade Centre Mumbai

>> August 6, 2009

World trade centre, Mumbai is the famous place of trade and commerce in the world which was established by M. Visvesvaraya in 1970 under non profit company .Main aim of world trade centre Mumbai is provide trade promotion services and it is also linked with world trade centers association, New York since 1971. Here you can find export promotion offices, travel agencies, cargo agents and large scale of financial institution.

I have personally visited world trade centre in 2007 when I traveled Mumbai. So, I think that commerce student should know this institution. Location and building is very good and it is also open for general people. It is supported by ministry of commerce and industry, Govt. of India and state governments. It works for supporting the members of world trade center association. It is also operating some educational programme for learning of foreign trade and business networking system.

Official website of WTC Mumbai is .

I also searched it in Google earth and make small video for showing where is WTC in Google earth .

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