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How to Calculate VAT of UK in Tally 9 and its Accounting Treatment

>> July 22, 2009


I live in Ghana , which is not part of the “statutory compliance” in the creation of new company. How do I setup the “statutory compliance” to Ghana instead of India , UK or others so that I can compute for VAT returns?


If you want to apply VAT system of UK in your tally 9 , it is so easy , for this when you create your company in company creation , you have to write UK in the front of " statutory compliance " . After accepting this company creation form .

After this , You have to click feature F11 and select statutory and taxation . Write yes in the front of Prepare and follow British style VAT return .After this you will see pop up window of Company VAT returns . You have to choose Sundry debtor or sundry creditor or both according to your need . Then you have to write UK VAT registration No. and accept it .

After this you have to create following ledger in Account info.

1. VAT under duty and taxes

2. Purchase under purchase account

3. party name under sundry creditor

Create following inventory ledger under Inventory lnfo.

1. unit measurement

2. stock items

Pass the Voucher of purchase

by mentioning party name or if via bank then create its ledger first under bank account

and also mentioning items .

After this write VAT and its rate Tally 9 will automatically calculate VAT and include in your purchase invoice / bill .

After this you can print invoice and VAT return .

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