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5 Tips for Accounting Teaching

>> July 21, 2009

Main aims of writing this article are:-

1. To guide accounting teachers, lecturer and professors by telling them which way of teaching is best for commerce student.

2. To satisfy online visitors of Accounting education website especially from China who want to know what are main tips of Accounting teaching.

I think, teaching is very helpful way to develop the behavior of student in positive way. In any field of education, teacher teaches not only his subject but also trains students to adjust themselves in society by making them self independent. A great responsibility is on the shoulders of teacher. You know that commerce student will become next accountant , officer , manager , teacher and businessman of your country who will build the nation and in real sense Accounting teacher’s responsibility is to provide not only accounting knowledge but also teach how to stand in the globalization age of business .

So learn following accounting teaching tips:-

# First Tip

We typically scrutinize in society that businessman deals in goods and accountant faces new transaction daily basis. But accounting teacher combat students which come from different family, caste culture and society. So, to know the psychology of each student is must for accounting teacher. Some students may be lazy to do accounting questions but some students may be sharp. So, according to student’s nature, accounting teacher should teach his subject. But main aim of teaching should the progress of student in his attitude regarding accounting subject. Effective way of teaching can only create interest in accounting.

# Second Tip

Accounting teacher should learn accounting topic’s theory and practical question by himself before taking class. He should convert all difficult concepts into simple form.

# Third Tip

Making the environment suitable for learning of accounting is very important for getting result from accounting teaching. For instance, one accounting teacher comes in class room, without linking current topic with previous taught topic, he starts new topic of accounting subject, he will not succeed in his aim of good accounting teaching because, student will not understand, if they feel that system of teaching is not well linked with previous accounting topic. So, try to make environment of learning. You can use local business transactions which can easily understand by students. Like purchase and sale transactions of street shop. From simple to complex is the best technique in accounting teaching.
If any student is disturbing in classroom, then first duty of teacher is to settle his problem because that one student can create problem for whole class.

# Fourth Tip

Accounting teacher should not think that his duty is only teach his topic, then go to home and earn money. He should understand that student is not any material goods with this, you can make finished product. He is live creature with fickle mind. Keep in touch with students personally. Care his feeling and emotions. Try to know what their family problems are. Some students may suffer from financial problem; some student may face the problem of low level of eye sight or weak health. . So, teacher should help also in his personal problem. After this its positive effect will be on student and you can make understand every difficult problem of accounting. In English, it is general saying that you can take the horse to water but not make him drink. Same saying happens on accounting teaching. You can teach but you can not make all students intelligent in one day. But after doing hard work and understanding the nature of students and help them according to their need, you can succeed in this profession.

# Fifth Tip

In accounting, practical solution of business transactions are most important. Accounting teacher should aware what are happening in business, commerce and finance. He should read what main amendments are in different commercial laws because all concepts and GAAP are also changeable according to changes in business and govt. rules. After this accounting teacher can give optimum solution to their students.

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Anonymous,  September 24, 2013 at 5:23 AM  

nice n valueable guide..thanks..

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