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Security Exchange board of India(SEBI ) and its powers

>> June 5, 2009

Security exchange board established in 1992 by passing the ordinance in the parliament of India. India’s first law relating to control over security was Control Security issue act 1947 but, it was not fulfilling the desires of Govt . and investors.
For securing the interests of Investors, SEBI has established by Central Govt. In India, now it is vital authority to makes all rules and regulations relating to capital market. Main aim and objectives of SEBI is to protect the money of investors from frauds in stock markets. A new investors can easily cheated by expert brokers, So, SEBI knows this point and it has made very strict rules for ceasing such cheating , frauds and malpractices .

SEBI never accepts any dodgy transaction which is done by any party in stock exchanges in India. SEBI is the board which is operated by one chairperson and other members which are appointed from following way.
  • One member is selected from the officers of ministry of finance.
  • One member is selected from the officers of ministry of law.
  • One member is selected from the office of RBI.
  • Other two members are selected by central Govt.

    Powers of SEBI

  1. To make rules and regulation for controlling the stock exchanges in India.
  2. To educate brokers and investors.
  3. To do amendments in the rules and regulations of stock exchanges in India.
  4. To encourage investors of foreign to investment in India.
  5. To safeguard the interests of investors.
  6. To development the stock and share market in India.
  7. To stop all fraud and malpractices in stock exchanges.
  8. To reduce the fluctuations in the market prices of shares.
  9. To create good relationships among the large numbers of brokers, finance agents and financers.
  10. To provide license to brokers for activities in stock exchanges in India.

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Anonymous,  June 17, 2010 at 5:57 AM  

How does RBI help in controlling SEBI ???

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