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Solution of problem of B.Com. Student

>> May 22, 2009

Q : I am the student of ( doing from ignou). my examination starts from a 1st of June .i need some notes from you . sir please send me notes to related subjects
1) Hire Purchase Accounting with question and solution
2)Branch Accounting with its proforma , question and its solution
3) depreciation accounting sample question and its solution.
SIR please send me all notes.

Ans : I have not written accounting notes for specific university like ignou or any other and also not write any thing on any specific topic but from time to time I have written many notes on different topic of Accounting . So , it is not possible to send you to your university related topic . But If you search my site , you will easily find , what you need . Because , I also got same queries from students of other universities not only India but outside India . So , due to I care of every request of my site visitor , I try to best to help you by writing what do you want to read .

I also suggest you to subscribe my site by any method like email , google homepage gadget or any other for getting updates from my site which may useful for you .

I also suggest you that my site is not substitute of books and never will become but it is platform of solution and tutorial of difficult topics of accounting books and also what I got from practical problems from accountants . I try to my best to make them simple with more practical examples . Accounting is very huge subject and it is very necessary to study deeply its every topic . I wish , your paper will be good .
Best of luck , Good luck !!

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