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Become Finance Researcher with Google Lookup and Google Finance Formula

>> May 18, 2009

Every investor or buyer research before any investment or purchase . There are many ways to research before taking any decision . There are many question which arises when any company or Govt. invests their money in any company , business or country .
It is true that Google search engine is best tool for researching any data regarding your finance , accounting , business queries . But you will despair if you can not get your result after 5 to 10 hour research on Google search engine .
Now , I am providing you simple tutorial in which you can get answer by just applying simple formula in Google Docs . Google docs is the also project of Google and it is very useful for becoming finance researcher with in 5 to 10 minutes .

After learning this tutorial you will find

  • Any countries updated population .
  • Any countries Internet users .
  • Any countries per capita income .
  • Any countries national income .
  • Any company's share price .
  • Any company's Latest news .
  • Related Companies all financial data

Ist step

Open Google Docs with google id and password

2nd Step

Click on new spreadsheet and

3rd Step

Google Lookup formula

= GoogleLookup("entity","Attribute")

where "entity" represents the name of the entity that you interested to access, like it may country , state , company or product name .

Different attributes apply to different entities.

For example:

  • population of India ??

  • Internet users of China ??

  • per capita income of UK ??

  • Net profit of ICICI Bank ??


Now Go to in the cell section of Google Docs


= GoogleLookup("write the name of entity","write the name of attributes") + Enter

Suppose , I want to know Net profit of ICICI bank

I will write

=GoogleLookup("icici bank","net profit")

After pressing enter by keyboard , I will get result

and I will found in Google Docs

Rs 744 crore

If you will click on result you will find its resource and if you will go to more result after this you will get related results . This technology works under Google API and this can makes finance researcher very fast .

Watch Also Following video for learning Google finance formula in Google docs

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