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How to create multiple ledger in tally 9

>> April 24, 2009

Before learning creating of multiple ledger in tally 9 , we should understand what are main benefits of creating multiple ledger in tally .

There are three benefits of creating multiple ledger in tally 9 which can be explain in following way :-

  1. With multiple ledger creation , you can make all ledger accounts fastly.

  2. Tally 9 also provides the facility of multiple ledger alter and display . With these button , you can check whether , you have made correct ledger account or not , if not you can change any ledger account by just first eye mistake in tally multiple ledger alteration.

  3. you can also enable to fast create ledger account in specific group , suppose , you have to pass 20000 voucher entries of different debtors in tally 9 , you can easily create 20000 debtors with their personal names in multiple ledger creation and it will surely save your time in specific group ledger creation

Now we start short tutorial of steps to create multiple ledger in tally 9

  1. When you open tally 9 and and in selected company , you go to account info , here you will see a button and its name is ledger , now , you only do one this , please click it and then click on create in multiple ledgers

  2. Now tally asks in which group you have to create ledger , if you create all ledger account then select all items , if you have to create ledgers under specific group , then please press the word on keyboard , suppose , you have to create different ledger accounts under sundry debtors , now press s , you will see the group sundry debtors in right side now , you will ready to create different ledger accounts of debtors .

  3. If any account has any balance , then you can mention it in opening balance .

4. If you have to display specific group's all ledger accounts , then you can also follow the following procedure

account info >> ledger >> multiple ledger >> display>> write name in above black box and
then enter
For example , you want to see all creditor's ledger account
then you will write in black box sundry creditors and then after pressing enter , you will find all your made creditors in multiple ledger display.

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